Still a Mac!

I wrote this related post on July 21, 2008 – Hello, I’m a Mac

That was the first day of class for my Doctor of Ministry classes. I finished the Dmin this year. And as I read over that post of my first day, I was amazed. I have always bucked the system a bit – dressed differently, done it my way, rather than the “supposed to” way, and of course, with school, never really gave it my all. This time I did. Out of 35 people to start the program, 11 of us finished the classes, and about 3-4 of us finished the classwork. 2 of us graduated on the normal time schedule in our cohort. (it is often fairly normal to graduate with an extra year and 2-3 will be doing that)

I’m not saying that to brag, but rather to simply say, I had some really good insight into myself those 5 years ago. I am glad for that insight and I’m glad I put it to good use and made it work for me, rather than against me. No more academic probation because I was too busy playing tennis or golf. This time, I got it done right.

It just goes to show, that when we put our minds to something, we really can get it done. ONE OF MY CORE VALUES IS: Discipline will get me where I want to go.” And it was that discipline to take 4-6 hours every Monday afternoon to work on this long-term project, to plan and to do was the only way I was going to get it done.

It’s the same with all of us. The finish line is only a discipline or two away from us. The more we are able to discipline our time, our energy, our ideas, the more we will actually be able to make it all happen….