Evangelism + Leadership = EvangeLead

IMG_0094 (2)Roger has shown to have specific gifts in the areas of Leadership, Evangelism and Preaching/Teaching. He can help your church in these specific areas – with some adaptability to meet your needs in your situation, your church, or your event. Most of all, when Roger speaks, he speaks in a way that focuses on the practical aspects of Christian living. No mere theory here, Roger speaks towards the individual and challenges them to put their spiritual roots down deep. He does this with a measure of personal, authentic stories, many illustrations and also deep theology.

        • Leadership Coaching
        • Leadership Seminars
        • Church Planting Help/Coaching
        • Weekend/Event Speaker
        • Campmeetings
        • Evangelism Speaker
        • Church Growth Seminars

Recent Speaking Appointments and Topics

        • Evangelism Field School, Port Orchard, WA (May 2019) A seminary field school, training for evangelism.
        • 2nd Annual EvangeLead Conference, Vancouver, WA (April 2019). Organized and lead the conference at the Adventist Community Church. Over 18 hours of evangelism instruction, vision, and support.
        • Stone Tower Church, Portland, OR (January 2019) Evangelism/Outreach Rally. The title of the Rally was “Creating a Culture of Outreach.”
        • Southern Union Evangelism Council (November 2018) – Topic of presentations was “Preparing Your Church to Reach Their Community.”
        • Village Church, Berrien Springs, MI (November 2018) – Evangelism/Outreach Rally. The title of the Rally was “Creating a Culture of Outreach.”
        • Dakota Conference Campmeeting (June 2018) – Evening speaker for the Dakota Campmeeting and spoke on personal spirituality. Plus did afternoon seminars on evangelism and reaching lost people.
        • EvangeLead Conference (April 2018) – Roger was one of the keynote speakers of the EvangeLead Conference and is, in fact the founder of the event. This is an annual event about leadership in evangelism.
        • Campmeeting (July 2015) – Was the key speaker for a series of lectures on Why we do evangelism, how to do it and how to get your church involved in it.
        • SOULS NW (November 2014) – Spoke for 20 hours of instruction on doing evangelism, making it work, and getting the most bang for the buck. Great teaching environment.
        • SEEDS Saskatchewan (April 2014) – spoke on the topic of evangelism, church planting, telling our story in Colorado, and giving a couple of messages on growing your church.
        • Church Planting Coordinator Retreat (October 2012)- Spoke on Multiplying your church
        • Leadership Retreat (September 2012) – Spoke on leadership issues, raising new leaders and holding leaders accountable
        • Turbulence: Answers from the Book of James – Recent sermon series on the book of James – 12 parts, but could be broken into smaller segments
        • Snapshots of Faith – a four-part sermon series on Elijah, Sarai, Demas and concluding with Matthew. A very practical sermon series that will challenge each individual to walk closer with God. Listen to the first one here
        • Financial Forces Working Against You – 2-3 part sermon series on understanding a believer’s role in finances and how the world’s values are shaping us in the wrong direction.
        • Doing LIFE Together – a practical, how-to series on building and having personal devotions. This 2-part series has been done in many churches and those churches have seen the number of people having daily, personal devotional time rise significantly because of the true-life stories and practical how-tos.
        • Adventist Churches Grow Differently – this series of talks shows how Adventist Churches are not just another evangelical church, but we have a message to proclaim and our theology demands that we do things differently.
        • Church Planters XChange – a yearly seminar that was focused on strengthening and supporting current church planters.

Call or write for more information. We are looking forward to helping you reach people for the kingdom.

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