About Roger, Gail and Family

Life is an Adventure! A friend of mine says, “Make a difference or make a mess trying.” That makes sense to me. So, as I wade through the adventures of life, it’s simply my desire to make a difference in my circle of influence.

Roger and Gail have been in ministry now for over 30 years. They were married just two weeks after Roger started at his first church in Portland, Oregon.

They pastored in Portland for 2.5 years at the Tabernacle Adventist Church. Then they spent 8 years in the Lebanon and Sweet Home Seventh-day Adventist churches (about 90 minutes south of Portland). At the end of that tenure, they church planted in Colorado where they spent nearly 11 years growing a contemporary church plant to be the first Adventist church to meet on multiple campuses.

Along the way, they stopped to have 8 (!) kids whom they are raising to be responsible leaders who will one day be shot out like flaming arrows to ignite the world for Christ.

In March of 2009, they moved back to the Northwest to be the Lead Pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Community Church of Vancouver, WA. Roger added the Director of Outreach for the Oregon Conference, focusing on evangelism and church planting while continuing to be the lead Pastor of the Adventist Community Church in Vancouver in the summer of 2017.

Their passion is to help people see the relevance of the Bible to everyday life. It’s their desire to help people who don’t know Jesus, get to know Him and those who have known him for years to deepen their personal growth. Roger wasn’t raised in church and didn’t know the meaning of all the Christian lingo. As a kid, church meant boring, long, tired, and out of touch. So, he’s done everything he can to make sure that church makes sense to everyone out there.

As a family they love to have fun together – so they rock climb, ski, hike, play tennis, raise dogs, and grow a bountiful garden every summer.

Roger has focused on three basic areas of ministry: Evangelism, Leadership, and Preaching. He has grown every church he’s ever pastored (two church districts, planted churches, and large churches). Roger has an earned Doctor of Ministry in preaching, from Andrews University.

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  1. Pastor–you and your churches work with Adventist Community Services is a blessing to our community. Thank you for the work being done with your Food Pantry at 32nd and St Johns in the Rose Village neighborhood. Your efforts at serving the impoverished in providing food security and other support are greatly appreciated! We pray for the Lord’s continued provision and favor in helping those of us less fortunate. May your hospitality experience provide access to a transformed life–one that is more full satisfying and encouraging of their own contributions to being an instrumental part of a great place to live, learn, work and play.

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