The Power of Momentum

Momentum is a strange thing. If you have it, you are almost unstoppable as a leader. If you don’t have it, there’s almost nothing you can do to get it off the ground. Momentum can make or break you. Getting the power of momentum to work for you is huge. Getting it started is a little like getting a flywheel turning. It takes a lot of effort to get it turning, then once it’s turning, it takes very little effort to keep it going. Think of the old Model T cars that needed to be cranked by hand….

Here’s an example. 7 years ago, my church had a grand total of about 2 small groups (we call them Community Groups). We began to talk about them. But we occasionally added a group here, another one there. After 1 year, we had about 5 groups. After 4 years, we had about 13 groups. That’s not a lot in a church this size. It took 4 years, a lot of hard work, and just a little to show for it. About two months ago, we had about 40 groups. We’ve built the momentum pretty strong. Then we just finished a 4-part message series on small groups shared between my associate pastor and myself. Today, we stand at 51 small groups. That means, if we put on average of 8 people in those groups, we have 100% of our active membership (numbers, not actual people, because there are plenty of guests in these groups – but that’s for another post) in a Community Group.

Momentum works in your favor. When you slowly start to turn the flywheel, it’s hard work, and seems to gain almost no ground. But as you turn it with both hands – a lot of focus, vision casting, planning and hard work, pretty soon it allows you to release one of your hands, and finally it allows you to let go and occasionally turn it as needed. Momentum does the work.

In leadership issues, momentum is your best friend.