Take Courage. Do What is Right. The Lord is With You.

Do you ever get involved in one of those discussions online that you are sorry you even bothered to enter? I thought I was so over those things…. I had learned to stay out of those conversations because it wasn’t in the  best interests of anyone. Online discussion is SO misunderstood and we are SO inclined to be sharp-tongued in those online discussions. 

Today, I got involved in one via LinkedIn. It was a discussion about hellfire and eternally burning hell. I just couldn’t let it pass. I was prompted to let it pass. I just coudn’t. This is one area of apologetics I’m pretty passionate about. So, I tentatively entered the discussion. The flaming began, because everyone else was inclined to agree with the original author. I, on the other hand, spoke differently. So the author has attacked, accused, and condemned me to hell.

Oh well, I’m done with the discussion. I knew better anyway. Yet, in my devotional time today, I realized that I can take courage, do what is right and God is with me. I didn’t flame back. I didn’t condemn to hell. Rather, I just tried to ask some questions and let it go. I’m not mad. I entered gracefully. I’m trying to leave gracefully….

I’m encouraged though. God is leading. I’m glad. I have courage. I’m seeking to do what is right.