Evangelism Intelligence 2.0

I have a very good friend, okay, I have several very good friends – some of them pastors, some not – who tell me they believe in evangelism, that they want to do it. But somehow their churches never get around to doing it. The reasons are many….

  • I can’t find the right evangelist
  • My church isn’t ready
  • We are waiting for the right time
  • We dont’ have the manpower yet in place

Whatever the reasons, my philosophy is a little like NIKE’s, “Just Do it!” 

Here’s what I know – we can expand these in another post later:

  1. I can do evangelism with as little as 10-12 people to support. I have never found a church too small to do evangelism.
  2. There is never a right time – it’s kind of like waiting for the right time to have kids….not going to happen, you just need to jump in. 
  3. I’ve never found an evangelist I liked everything about, so I do it anyway. In the end, the evangelist leaves and I get to stay. The culture of my church is determined by me – the church – not the evangelist. The key thing I look for in an evangelist: do they know how to get people to decisions. People make decisions at events (evangelistic seminars) they make them stick in small(er) groups of friends (the church).
  4. The church will never be ready. If we wait till the church is ready to reach out, we’ll wait a long time. But the best way to stop the fighting and troubles is to get the church looking outward, rather than inward.

Of all the spiritual gifts listed in scripture, the only gift that goes away when Jesus comes again is the gift of evangelism. We have a responsibility to utilize that gift in the church now. Let’s just do it!