Will You Marry Me?

On a peaceful night in October, 1987, Gail and I called my folks on the phone. I was in Berrien Springs, but they didn’t know it. I was living in Seattle at the time. We called to tell them that we had just gotten engaged. My mom was in shock, she didn’t believe that I had flown out there. She thought I was playing a joke on them and done a conference call. When they realized we were telling them the truth, they were excited. It was a life-changing moment.

Up until yesterday, I never knew the rush of emotions my parents and Gail’s parents were dealing with as their young adult children were beginning a new life that wasn’t totally involving them. Up until yesterday I just assumed both sets of parents would be excited like we were. Up until yesterday I never thought about how my parents felt.

I now know.

Yesterday, My daughter got engaged. I knew it was coming. I was kept informed all along the way by Grayson. But she’s so young (22, and Gail was 20 – LOL). We are excited! Scared! Unsure! Delighted! Depressed! Can’t wait! Now I know what my parent’s felt. Now I know what Gail’s parents felt even more. Makes me love and respect our parents even more. 

Seems like I might have hit that middle-aged thing for sure now. Kid’s getting married, next will come grandparenting, then diapers (for me, not the babies), then…. Ugh. Let’s not go here today. Engagement is enough at this moment for me.

So, to Krista and Grayson. We really cannot imagine a better couple. You love the Lord, you want to serve him in ministry. We are excited for you and excited for your growth together. It’s a new stage of life. We are very proud. We are very excited for you. I can’t wait to walk you down the aisle Krista. Grayson has made this easy for me – I always thought it would be hard. This is a new journey and one I’m going to watch with a smile on my face.