“…and you shall know…”

I was struck this morning, as I did my personal devotional time in the LIFE Journal, of something very clear. I was reading through Ezekiel and he’s talking about how his people are going to come to some very hard times. Then, after nearly every statement on that regard, he says, “…and you shall know that I am the Lord.”

Then he says he’s doing it so that no one will stray again and finally in Revelation it said that everyone will acknowledge him as Lord. 
It’s as if he’s saying, “Yes, hard times are coming, but I’m doing it so you will know that I am Lord, and you will turn back to me.” In other words God is watching out for us, even when we don’t like it. He’s watching out for us even when it’s hard. The goal? To get us to acknowledge him again.
It made me think of Pharaoh drowning in the Red Sea. I wondered if he was thinking, in his last thoughts, “You know, that God guy, he really is the Lord!” 

I want to live in such a way that God is MY God! I want to acknowledge Him every day. I want to live where He leads me. Yet, I often wonder why we wait for the hard times? Why do we wait till someone dies, till we are in financial crisis, till our relationships have gone to the pits, or why we are sick before we turn to the Lord? Why can’t we learn to acknowledge him in the good times too?


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  1. Great observation Roger ! I remember how amazed I was when I converted from a Sunday worshiping church to the SDA church. Pastor Turner preached for over an hour the very first Sabbath worship I attended. I had never turned pages in the Bible like we did that morning. After a delicious fellowship meal, everyone took a break for a couple of hours before coming back for late afternoon Vespers. The elder leading that study had us reading from Jeremiah & Ezekiel. I decided on the very next Sabbath that I would do whatever it took to be in the group that God says are His people.

    I was so shocked at having been deceived for 45 years by a mainline Protestant church that I checked out the VCR tapes of meetings done by Kenneth Cox. I had just enough time on the Sabbath afternoon breaks to watch his presentations before going back to church at Ferndale.

    Now I am passionate about working with people that are lost, homeless or searching for God.

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