Is there an Adventist

I received an email this morning about the recent One Project in Seattle. My friend sent it just to me, and wanted to know if he should pass it on further.

I wish we had an Adventist version of….

This was the response I sent back to my friend:
______, Here is the problem with what I read.

1. This is a forward from someone who mentions an anonymous “member of another Adventist church.” We have no way of validating it. No way of recognizing who it is from. There is no name of person writing it, no mention of where she is from, no mention if she is really a member in good standing….
2. Even with the quotes listed and the analysis given, it’s hard to get a feel for the conference. The conference was three days. Her written statement was a page or two? The context of much of what was said is gone.
3. She leads with innuendo. “Look where we are headed! Isn’t it awful!” There is an implied condemnation because of her self analysis.
4. Forwarding the email is not following Matthew 18. All it is, is gossip. No one bothers to check the sources. No one bothers to check the balance. No one bothers to go to Alex Bryan, Sam Leonor, or Bill Knott and ask for clarification, they just keep forwarding and forwarding emails. If we followed Matthew 18 in these situations, we would find a lot more agreement than disagreement with many of these individuals.
5. What does sending out an email like this accomplish? Does it accomplish anything positive to our church? Or does it just create even more distrust?
6. When the pioneers came up with the scriptural term “Present truth” they never implied that we would stop learning from the late 1800s. They implied we would keep learning, keep going forward, keep learning new truths. EGW says at times that later generations will take us further down the road in other areas.
7. EGW also makes it very clear that we can and should work with other denominations in whatever way we can UNTIL they cross the line in forcing Sunday. She makes these statements in the context of the temperance movement, but she leaves no room for doubt that we can and should join forces with them in other areas as long as they stay true to Not creating the Sunday issue. In fact, in one quote, she says we should go and learn from them so we can teach our own kids better.

Okay, if I don’t stop, it’ll appear as if I have an axe to grind. I do – that Adventists stop being so distrustful, and stop following the gossip trail. I wish we had a for Adventism.