Texas Mission

I’m sitting here in Texas because we are doing a Prophecy Seminar for a friend. People are coming night-by-night (6days a week!)

The cool thing is when I watch the lights go on for people as we talk about Jesus and help people fully understand His grace and His hope of the world. We’ve been able to show that grace through prophecy, the second coming, the sabbath and many topics.

I was able to show them that the topic if the sabbath shows that we keep it because God is creator (Exodus 20) and because God is our redeemer (Deuteronomy 5). The Sabbath may be one if the clearest pictures if grace we have. So far 8-10 people have accepted this new thought for them.

I love this but can’t wait to get home also. We are camping out and doing well but it’s not home and it’s not as routine at this point in time.