Leading People to Truth

Leading people is often hard work. Some embrace truth readily and some embrace it slowly. Others don’t embrace it at all. It is still very much like the Parable of the soil that Jesus told in Matthew 13.

It’s really hard to watch people get excited about some truth yet when it comes to harder truth they begin to walk away.

No matter their response, I have to remember that my job as a leader/preacher is to do two things: (1) teach truth as the Bible unfolds. God’s job is to get people’s hearts ready to hear it. He’s working on everyone. I have to trust him to do what is right for the individual. I must be faithful to the text. However (2) I must also take a look at how I am presenting that truth. Am I speaking in a language these people understand? Does it make sense to them? Is it logical? Am I being faithful to my hearers as well as to the text?

In order to accomplish those two things above, I must first submit myself – heart, soul, and mind to God. Clearly I have to be connected to be able to preach with power.

Texas Mission

I’m sitting here in Texas because we are doing a Prophecy Seminar for a friend. People are coming night-by-night (6days a week!)

The cool thing is when I watch the lights go on for people as we talk about Jesus and help people fully understand His grace and His hope of the world. We’ve been able to show that grace through prophecy, the second coming, the sabbath and many topics.

I was able to show them that the topic if the sabbath shows that we keep it because God is creator (Exodus 20) and because God is our redeemer (Deuteronomy 5). The Sabbath may be one if the clearest pictures if grace we have. So far 8-10 people have accepted this new thought for them.

I love this but can’t wait to get home also. We are camping out and doing well but it’s not home and it’s not as routine at this point in time.