Why Passover?

passover3Yesterday I was asked by one of my members why we were having a Passover service at our church. It was our 2nd annual one. I explained things this way:

  1. Passover was the real time when Christ was crucified as our Passover Lamb (see 1 Corinthians 5:7-8).
  2. You cannot celebrate Passover with all the requirements because you would do away with Jesus Christ as that sacrificial lamb.
  3. This makes it a symbolic event and one that has much to teach us as we seek to serve and honor Christ. In other words, it becomes a teaching moment not a requirement of scripture anymore. I know people may take me on with this one, but this is where I stand after studying it for now….

Yes, I think the key event in the Christian history and faith is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, I guess I’m amazed at Christians who want to celebrate Easter over Passover. Think about it for a moment with me.

  1. Jesus’s last supper was the passover meal.
  2. He was crucified the next day and raised on that next Sunday.
  3. The key piece of the meal is the lamb – representing Christ and Him crucified.
  4. The Jewish people have kept track of the date for centuries
  5. Easter has purely pagan roots and the date can range up to a month different from year to year
  6. Eggs, rabbits are about fertility not about Christ.
  7. The Easter Ham has replaced the passover lamb as the food of choice and with being such anathema to the Jews it makes for a curious symbol….

Don’t get me wrong. When all the world is celebrating the resurrection, I think it’s an important time to celebrate it too. But I don’t see the resistance to Passover. I don’t see the problems with using a purely Biblical tool to teach about Christ as opposed to a purely pagan one.

Top Ten Reasons to Pray….

girl praying woman man

The top 10 reasons you are too busy to pray today:

1. You wake up feeling rested, then realize your alarm should’ve gone off an hour ago.

2. Your spouse is away on a two-day business trip that’s lasted all week.

3. None of the clean clothes you were able to find match.

4. Your teenager shaved…the left half of his head.

5. Your bills are due, and your toddler hid the checkbook.

6. A strange fluid is dripping from your car.

7. You accidentally delete your quarterly report ten minutes before a meeting with your boss.

8. You’re in charge of games for the church youth night tonight.

9. Your dog is throwing up.

10. Your toilet’s overflowing, but at least you found the checkbook.

Ten reasons you really should pray today: (See list above.)

“The Top Ten Reasons You Are Too Busy to Pray Today,” Marriage Partnership (1996)

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