An Army of Youth

Madison Avenue has it figured out. The teenagers of our day have the most discretionary time and money. They know if they can capture the minds of kids they will likely have them for life!

One Christian writer in the 19th century has said that the work of God will be finished by an army of youth. Yet the church often waits until people are well into their 50s before they could get involved. I used to chastise a church I pastored because I was the only one on the board under 50 (I was in my late 20s). However I was only on the board because they had to let me….

I am currently attending a conference called GYC. It is their intent to raise up this army of youth. I’m impressed that this is their goal. I know some who don’t like all their theological stances, but I am willing to grant them grace. The spirit of God works in unity in diversity. It’s likely time get over the theological debates and start again to raise up a revolutionary army.

The way to start is by captivating those with the most discretionary time and energy – the youth…and we’ll likely have them doing it for life!