Will you…? I do…

A friend of mine recently got engaged, by creating a movie trailer that his (soon to be) finance’ was watching. It set up a scene where he runs into the theater and runs up to her and proposes. It was an old Letterman trick to mix the movie with real life. She said yes, and it was all good. Ahhhhh!Family Picture 2011

But it made me stop and think about when I asked my wonderful wife to marry me. I was in Seattle, she in Michigan. I got her dad’s permission via telephone and then they agreed to pick me up at the airport the next weekend. On the plane I wrote up a series of cards with clues to the next card – which would eventually lead to where I was waiting. The first card was the last one placed – it was on her steering wheel (she never locked her car and still doesn’t). Interestingly enough, I timed it wrong and she saw me. It was hard to miss, I had borrowed her dad’s orange pickup. She read the card, and drove home demanding to know where I was.

Her parents played dumb until she saw my luggage, then the had to answer truthfully, they didn’t know where I was. So, my wonderful wife, instead of retracing and starting on the clues, drove around until she found her dad’s orange truck on the campus of Andrews University. She climbed out and I saw her coming. It had taken long enough, I thought she had followed my clues.

You see, I as inside the Pioneer Memorial Church waiting for her. I had to kick out the person (kindly) who wanted to practice the organ. So, I proposed to her in the church – I figured since we would be spending so much of our lives in church, I thought it would be good to start it there.

Every love story has some fun and unique twists. I cannot imagine how life would be without my one true love! (It’ll be 25 years in February!)