I’ve been listening with my family to a series of tapes (yes…remember those) by Bill Liversidge from the 1985 Michigan Campmeeting. He was the early morning speaker then and my Mother-in-law had them while we were visiting. Great speaker and great grasp of the Holy Spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit.

One concept caught my eye on the third day’s talk: How we treat one another is a reflection of the kind of God we believe in.

Adventists don’t have a monopoly on Jesus Christ. We don’t have a monopoly on truth or on the Holy Spirit either. Because we believe we have truth in our midst, doesn’t give us the right to trample on others. The truth And our actions are revealing the character of God.

So, he asks the question: “How big is your God?”

So let me ask you a couple of questions:

        • What kind of picture of God does your neighbor see?
        • What kind of picture of God does your friend see?
        • What’s the picture of God your coworker sees?
        • What’s the picture of God your children see? Or your spouse?
        • What’s the picture of God your dog sees?

Take the time to think about that picture of God and reflect the God you are experiencing – chances are it’s a God of grace, mercy, kindness and love. Matthew 10 says that we should only fear the one who can destroy us eternally. But never fear, he loves us more than the sparrow whom he always takes care of. In other words, God is tough, but he loves you and me!