Hello, I’m a Mac!

(We’ll see if I finally have an internet connection today – Monday)

Last night we had our first orientation to the Dmin class – brief.  Gail thought I should wear my nice jeans rather than the shorts I had on, I listened to her.  When I got there, I felt like I was in the Mac commercials.  I’m the mac in a roomful of PCs.  Not only did I have the only computer there (a mac, of course), but everyone else was in slacks, dress (1 lady) or khakis, and I was in jeans.  When it came time to hand in our papers, Everyone handed in a stack of 6 papers, and I gave him a CD-ROM with the .doc versions as well as the .PDF of the papers.  Wait till I do show up in shorts….  I didn’t even bring any khakis with me – I mean, it’s 94 outside with about 85% humidity.   It’s Tennessee in the Summer….
But God did tell me to deal differently with this program than I have traditionally gone through school.  In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a non-conformist.  I believe that’s probably okay, but above and beyond that, it’s played into my attitude about authority, bucking the system, etc.  God may be trying to say to me – what you wear may not be that important, but don’t buck the system anymore, get along, and do your best.  Don’t argue with them, don’t do “just enough” to get by – do your best and do what you came to do!
Hello, I’m a Mac….

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