Crucial Conversations

What is a Crucial Conversation?
After having several conversations turn bad recently, and then coming to the point of not getting over the hurdles, I stopped, picked up the book, “Crucial Conversations” by Patteson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler.  I read a year ago or so, but it seemed obvious to me that I simply hadn’t taken the time to really get through the principles and have them applied to my life.

Wow!  What a book.  I read 3-4 chapters in one sitting.  I was so impressed with it, that I wanted Gail to read it too – and my older kids.  So, I downloaded the audible version of it, and have been adding to my knowledge by listening too.  Whew!  

So, it’s not my wife’s fault.  It’s not my son’s fault.  It’s not my brother’s fault.  We are just having crucial conversations.  And in doing so, we are learning to communicate without the emotion, without the danger, without the angst.  

And the truth is in the book – I need to work on my own attitudes and actions and not seek to control anyone else.  Ouch!