11/7/2006 5:24 AM


S: Job 31:1 NKJV  “I have made a covenant with my eyes;

      Why then should I look upon a young woman?

O: Job made a covenant to not look at a young woman.  He was saying that he wanted to be pure and only pure.

A: In light of the whole story that came out about Ted Haggard, it’s apparent that that covenant needs to be renewed on a regular basis – by me and by all people who are trying to follow God with their whole heart and their whole mind. 

Recently, my family has been reading Barry Black’s book, “From the Hood to the Hill.”  It’s his autobiography, but it’s really a leadership book.  And in there he quotes a philosopher – don’t remember his name – who says, You don’t live your life in the breaths you take (as in the stuff you do, or the moments that tick by), but you live your life in your thoughts.  The reality of who you are is found in the secret thoughts of your mind.

I wouldn’t condemn Ted Haggard, because I realize that he’s on a journey with God as well as others.  I could I condemn another sinner.  No sin is greater than another – although some are more noticeable and some have larger consequences.  But I would say that we all need to make a covenant with our eyes, with our mind, with our thoughts to stay away from lust, to stay close to God, to get involved with God on a daily basis.

P: Lord, I ask you to come close to me and close to my family.  I ask you to come close to my church.  Please fill us with the Holy Spirit.  Please come in and change us to live with you and be filled with you. 

I pray you will protect me from any impurity or impropriety.  Please help me to live my life with healthy boundaries.  I pray for the Holy Spirit to fill me.  I pray for the Holy Spirit to change me.  I pray for the grace that saves and the grace that changes to affect me.  In other words, I want to be forgiven by you, Lord, and I want to be changed by you, Lord.  I want to be clean from the sins that plague me and I want to be changed to be like God.

E: I feel awesome.  Yesterday’s talk went exceptionally well.  Jim and I did a great job in our presentation style and then in the end, Jim brought the house down.  His (our) conclusion was – do you remember Dwight Clarks catch in the end zone from Joe Montana – ever after known as the catch.  It vaulted the SF 49ers into their first superbowl.  Before that play was ever run, it was crafted in a playbook.  Do you remember the final shot that put the Chicago Bulls into their first championship.  Michael Jordan double pumped and put it in the basket – that was first crafted into a playbook. 

At this point in time, about 50 people got to their feet and the crowd was amening and hallelujahing.  Then Jim held out his arms in the shape of Jesus on the cross and nearly everyone got on their feet and was hollering, yelling and jumping up and down and clapping.  It was thunderous.  And Jim said in a powerful voice – when he was on that cross buying your freedom and mine, dying for us – that was crafted in a playbook!  And the crowd went even more wild and jim was unconscious – he just kept going and bringing them along.  It was totally an awesome moment.  A mainly African American crowd is a good thing to preach to….

People came up and asked to see the playbook.  We had 4 copies – one in a notebook.  Jim immediately gave away the three stapled copies.  Then he took the files I had used and created PDF files.  The people at Miracle Temple uploaded them onto the web site and people can now get them easily.

It was an awesome moment.  It was great to be a part of it.  When Freddy first asked us to speak about playbooks, we kept thinking – it’s such a technical thing, how can you make it interesting.  But we were able to make our transitions go well and we were able to connect with the audience, and we were able to present in a style that kept our audience coming along with us. 

One guy said to me afterwards – I wasn’t sure of the need for a playbook when you started, but I am totally convinced now. 

D: The accolades are good, but dangerous.  I need to stay humble giving the credit to God where it belongs.  I need to enjoy the moment.  I think I did okay with this.  We both got the audience going at times, but in the end, I was just so proud of Jim, and I kept pointing to him when people came to talk with us. 

Thank you, Lord, for the time we have been able to be here.  Thank you, Lord, for the heart to do what you are calling me to do.  Please come into my life.  Please come into my heart.  Please help me to realize that today is the day I go back to work and that I cannot live on the accolades. 

Lord, I love you and I want to serve you.  Please fill me with the Holy Spirit.