I haven’t updated this blog for awhile. Things have been a struggle for
awhile. I describe it this way. My mom died (January of 2006), Shane died
(really moved away in March), we moved the church facility (East Campus) and
my family built and moved into a new house that isn’t quite finished yet.
Stress level has been high. Attendance has taken a bit of a dip – but not

What does all this mean? To me, as the Lead Pastor of The Adventure, it
simply means that it’s time to focus again on what God has done and what He
is going to do. This isn’t a time to lean on ourselves. It’s a time to
focus on God and become much more God-dependant. It’s a time to listen to
where God wants to take us.

In other words, it’s a time to get back to the fundamentals of what
Christianity is about and what The Adventure is about – to passionately seek
the lost and to turn them into fully devoted followers of Christ. We’ve
spent a lot of time focusing on seeking the lost and we cannot stop that,
but we also must define and work on what it means to be a fully devoted

So, that’s my prayer – to refocus, revision, and rework the fundamentals.
God is leading and I’m not about to try to take over that leadership from
him – NOT AT ALL!