My Mom’s Death

1/13/2006 4:15 AM

My mom died today. The actual death was 1:10am. We went up there at 7pm
to see her. We didn’t really expect to stay very long simply because we
were expecting to bring her back here to our house on Monday of this
next week. But when we got there, we came to the very real conclusion
that this was likely the end. I sent Gary and Text Message and we talked
that way some until he got out of his Small group. I called Dad and he
got back up there about 10:30pm. Gary arrived about 1:35am – so about 25
minutes after my mom died.

She had pretty laborious breathing and didn’t really recognize us at
all. We did see early on in the evening some following with the eyes and
at least recognition of movement. We are unsure if it was recognition of
us or not – we don’t think so.
We finally got the kids to lay down and everyone approaching sleep by
11pm when I finally lay down on the sleep sofa that they have in the
rooms. I slept a little, very little. Finally, I couldn’t take the noise
– my mom’s breathing, gasping and even choking. I got up and went down
the hall to a waiting room and just got a few minutes of peace and quiet.

When I came back into the room, I sat down beside my mom and held her
hand and finally saw her struggling and I got up and rubbed her forehead
as well. She finally breathed her last.

Seth, Gail, Dad and I were in the room (so were Summer and Kinsee, but
they were sleeping). The nurse was right there to verify the death and
we cried and sent another TM to Gary. Later I tried to call, but he
wasn’t answering…. They arrived about 15 minutes later.

When we finally were all together we talked, we laughed, we cried, and
when we finally left, it seemed really final. We didn’t want to hang
around any more, but we also knew that once we left, it was over
forever. I will NEVER get to see my mom again. At least not until Jesus

Lord, come quickly. Please come and comfort my dad. Come and take us all
and hold us all. Please fill us with the Holy Spirit.
Thank you for my mom’s life. Thank you that she stayed together in the
marriage. Thank you for cub scouts and for Room Mothers. Thank you for
birthday parties and birthday presents. Thank you for kisses, and for
long talks after dates and when I was on school breaks. Thank you for
packing later into the night before I left for Africa. Thank you for
opportunities, challenges, and for my mom’s work on molding and shaping
my character. Thank you for the way you led her to love. Thank you for
her love. Lord, thank you for my mom. I love you, Lord.

I love you a lot. I loved her a lot. I always will, Lord. Please help me
to grieve in healthy ways. Please help me to grieve in a way that brings
you glory, not myself. Please protect me from evil. Thank you for my
mom, for my dad, and for my wife. Thank you for the way you’ve led us.
Thank you for speeding the whole process up so that my mom didn’t have
to suffer at all. I love you, Lord. I will serve you, Lord.