The Sound of a GREAT Parent

1/2/2006 2:30 AM
S: Genesis 3:8 NIV Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD
God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid
from the LORD God among the trees of the garden.
O: What would it be like to hear the sound of the Lord? What does God
sound like as he is walking in a garden? Is he singing? Is He whistling?
Is he talking to the plants and animals? They heard God coming before
they saw Him. They heard Him. And they hid.
Sin always makes us hide. Sin always leaves us alone and struggling. Sin
always makes us hide from the people we know best. Sin is about doing
things in secret.
I wonder what was going on in God’s mind right then. Did He come to the
garden and act casual as if nothing had happened? Sometimes I think we
get that picture – because he almost sounds shocked when he hears Adam’s
confession. But I wonder if maybe he saw his kids in trouble and He came
running. I mean, he saw the sin, he saw the fig leaves and He said, “I
have to go see them. I have to deal with this.”
There are times as a parent that I do not want to deal with something my
child has done. It’s going to get ugly before it gets better. But if I
don’t deal with early, it’ll only take root and it’ll get worse and
worse. As a parent, the hardest thing I find to do is to be consistent
about my judgment and consistently deal with the issues of my children.
I’d like to let them slide at times, but I find that it’s best if I don’t.
I think maybe that’s what God was doing. I don’t imagine Him trying to
be subtle and ignore that this happened. I don’t imagine Him simply
walking through the garden as He usually did – whistling, picking
flowers, talking to and petting the lions. No, I picture this as
something where God let it happen, went straight down there and began to
call for Adam and Eve. “Adam! Eve! Where are you?” I picture Him taking
the effort to deal with a problem when it needed to be dealt with.

“Gen 3:8 – they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden —
The divine Being appeared in the same manner as formerly – uttering the
well-known tones of kindness, walking in some visible form (not running
hastily, as one impelled by the influence of angry feelings). How
beautifully expressive are these words of the familiar and condescending
manner in which He had hitherto held intercourse with the first pair.”
[A Commentary on the Old and New Testaments by Robert Jamieson, A. R.
Fausset and David Brown]

“That the natural feeling of shame, the origin of which is recorded
here, had its root, not in sensuality or any physical corruption, but in
the consciousness of guilt or shame before God, and consequently that it
was the conscience which was really at work, is evident from the fact
that the man and his wife hid themselves from Jehovah God among the
trees of the garden, as soon as they heard the sound of His footsteps.
éäåä ÷åì (the voice of Jehovah, Gen_3:8) is not the voice of God
speaking or calling, but the sound of God walking, as in 2Sa_5:24;
1Ki_14:6, etc. – In the cool of the day (lit., in the wind of the day),
i.e., towards the evening, when a cooling wind generally blows. The men
have broken away from God, but God will not and cannot leave them
alone.” [Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament Johann (C.F.)
Keil (1807-1888) & Franz Delitzsch (1813-1890)]

I love that about God. I love that He wants to come and wants to be with
us no matter what we’ve done. I love that He is striving for us and not
just winding up the world and forgetting about us. I imagine that must
have been a very hard time for him. I imagine that he acted out of
principle, not out of emotion.
A: I see God speaking to me on this level today to act the same towards
my kids. Punish them when it’s necessary, don’t ignore it and hope it
goes away. Wow, if God would have tried that method, the Bible says that
they would have gotten to the Tree of Life and then lived forever. Sin
is bad enough when you know it will one day end. But what about this?!
I think God is telling me to be a consistent parent – that’s the hard
part. I think though, that this comes down to one of my personal core
values – “Discipline will get me where I want to go.” Disciplining my
own life will straighten me out. Discipline in dealing with my children
will point them in the right direction. Disciplining them when they need
course corrections will keep them from ending in a ditch.
I see so many parents hoping their kids will turn out okay. I see so
many parents ignoring their kids and what they do that is wrong. I see
so many parents who tell their kids they better not do something then
they let them go ahead and do it anyway. I see so many kids turning out
P: Lord, I don’t want to be a controlling parent. But I want to have the
kind of concern for my kids that will make me come running. I will run
to them when I haven’t seen them for awhile. I will run to them when I
love them and we’re having fun together. I will run to them when they do
wrong. And I will run to them when they need help. In other words, I
will be there for them, to guide them, to help them, to focus them, to
discipline them, to give them wisdom, to correct them, just like You
did, Lord.
Yesterday we listened to a home school message by Jim Hoenberger and he
wife. They said the same things that Gail and I are trying to do. They
said (we say) that they didn’t care so much about their kids’ grades as
much as they wanted their kids to be in the kingdom and wanted them to
be kingdom builders. But that their kids were capable of A’s so they
wouldn’t allow anything else.
That’s pretty much Gail’s and my attitude. If we get to the kingdom and
one of our kids got A’s, a good paying job, and was academically sound
and great, but wasn’t in the kingdom – ouch! What good would that do?
Lord, I pray you will lead us as parents to make good choices. I pray
you will give us wisdom in leading our kids. I pray you will make us
leaders – shot out into the world to ignite the world for Christ.
Lord, I pray for Jim as he comes back to work. I pray that he won’t be
so stressed that he is overwhelmed. I pray that as you lead Him, he will
I pray for Shane. Lord, make him the leader you want him to be. Give him
wisdom that will take him to places like Yakima, etc. If you want him to
go there, Lord, I am proud to release him.
But if you take him, Lord, to Yakima, what am I going to do? How am I
going to make things happen around here and advance things to a greater
level? Lord, please show me the way. Please give me wisdom. Please lead
me to walk with you.
I pray for Gail and the kids. I pray you will lead us as a family to
work together to be a team for you. Please come into our hearts. Lord,
right now we’re reading a story about Joseph Anderson Donetti who is
preparing for baptism. Kylie hasn’t been baptized. I don’t know if she’s
ready or not, Lord. But if it’s time for her to be baptized, will you
open the door to her heart right now. If it’s not time, keep it just a
story for her.
I ask you Lord into my heart. I ask you to fill me with the Holy Spirit.
Please direct my thoughts and direct my mind. Please fill me with a
desire to be like you. I ask you to lead and direct me. I love you.