New Covenant

12/12/2005 5:55 AM

S: ?In that He says, ?A new covenant,? He has made the
first obsolete. Now what is becoming obsolete and growing
old is ready to vanish.? Hebrews 8:11

O: A brief cursory reading of this passage makes you think
that perhaps he?s saying something significant here about
doing away with what the Old Covenant was. But the
preceding verses quote the new covenant verbatim. And it
becomes very clear that the New Covenant and the Old
Covenant had the same things in it. It was about the law.
But the thing where it differed was the blessings and
cursing part of it. In other words, in the Old, the
responsibility for the covenant was in God and in us. In
the new, God takes ALL the responsibility.

A: Having God?s law written on my heart is about more than
simply having a knowledge of the 10 commandments. It?s got
a lot more to do with us than simply keeping the Sabbath.
Having God?s law written on my heart is like having my
life lived out according to God?s purposes, thinking like
God, feeling God?s feelings, living like Him. It?s
patterning my life after the ways of God.

P: Lord, write it now on my heart. I want to be a man like
you. I want to be a man like you live and like you are. I
want to live like you, act like you, be filled with you and
to walk like you. Please fill me now with the Holy Spirit
and make me a man like you. I pray for the Holy Spirit to
guide me and to write YOU on my heart.

I love you and I want to serve you.