My eyes are wide shut

*12/24/2005 7:53 AM*


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*Scripture:* “Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed.
Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20:29

*Observation:* Jesus is speaking specifically to Thomas here, but he’s
speaking about me, and anyone else who lives in this time frame – we
believe in God, though we have never physically seen him.

*Application:* I feel like this has happened to me this week. I feel
like the whole land thing is about believing, but not seeing. I mean, at
the last minute, I had the pledges to come forward and actually buy the
land. I had the “seeing.” But in many ways, it was like God was asking
me to drop it in my own strength and to close my eyes and trust him. I
felt like God was saying, “Yea, you could work this out and you could
work and work and work to raise the money and you could probably do it.
Or, you could close your eyes and trust Me.”

Yesterday morning, I think I finally closed my eyes. I think I finally
shut them and said, “Okay, God, this is now your deal, not mine.” I
can’t say I was in 100% trust. Who is, when they are being led around
with their eyes shut? But I trust enough to allow it to continue. I
trusted enough to “keep my eyes shut.”

Jesus said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”
Yea, I want to be like that every time. I wish I was like that every time.

Yesterday, a member was able to work with a developer who has NEVER
bought land so quickly, to agree to buy the land and donate back to us
15-20 acres in 12-30 months. I was overwhelmed when I was telling Gail.
I nearly burst out in tears. I realized that I had been working nearly
non-stop on it this week and that it was rapidly falling through the
cracks. I have worked so much on this one issue for nearly 90 days. I
couldn’t believe it was done.

I think I should change my title from coach, to carnie. I need to change
it, because I am a rollercoaster operator. I sent this individual an
email yesterday saying, I don’t have any more tickets to ride this
rollercoaster anymore. Please make it for real….

But it’s like God is teaching me. “Rog, you are good at making things
happen. You could have made this thing happen, and it may have been
good, or it may have been bad. But if you will continue to shut your
eyes and follow me, I’ll always lead you to good.”

*Prayer:* Lord, I love you. You are always good to me. I want to serve
you. I want to follow you. I want to keep my “eyes shut, and just let
you lead. I want to believe whether I see it happening or not. I love
you. I will serve you.


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*Lead Pastor/Head Coach of The Adventure*

Greeley and Ft. Collins Campuses

/Creating a community of grace for those who have given up on church,
but not on God…./

Turning Troubles into Glory

*12/22/2005 6:29 AM*


* ———————————————–
S:* “Now My soul is troubled, and what shall I say? ‘Father, save Me
from this hour’? But for this purpose I came to this hour. Father,
glorify your name. Then a voice came from heaven, saying, ‘I have both
glorified it and will glorify it again.’…And I, if I am lifted up from
the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.” John 12:27-32

O:* Jesus is troubled about the coming death, crucifixion. He’s troubled
because He knows what it will cost Him, how much it will hurt, and how
unready his followers are for what is about to happen. But he also knows
the timing is right according to Daniel 9. God always does things on His
time frame, not on ours.

*A:* Troubled. Like a bridge over troubled waters. That’s what my life
has been the last 90 days. It’s been one roller coaster ride after
another. And I would trade any of it for the world. I have learned so
much. I have gained so much knowledge and so much energy from this. The
last 90 days I’ve grown. But the troubling has remained.

Yesterday Manuel and I met with an Adventist developer from Colorado
Springs. He said he was 98% sure that he was going to buy the land
outright for $550k plus any incurred expenses and let us keep whatever
26 acres we wanted. But in the end, it appears as if it has fallen
through. I was excited yesterday, I was finally able to take some of my
vacation yesterday (we’re now 4 days into it, and so far I’ve been
putting in 10 hour days on this property issue). Then as I was working
on a Christmas present last night, I got his call and it was falling
through. I don’t have high hopes anymore that it will come together yet

Troubled. That’s the words Jesus spoke. That’s the picture of my soul.
I’ve had a lot of troubling experiences with this thing.

But I think God’s words speak to me today. Jesus said he was troubled
and God spoke back to him. They speak to me today too.

“I have both glorified it and will glorify it again.” John 12:28

That says to me that no matter what happens with this property issue, I
know that God is still in charge and that He will use it for His glory.
I don’t want it to glorify me. I don’t want it to glorify my church. I
don’t want it to glorify the RMC. I don’t want it to glorify anyone. I
want to see God glorified. That’s my whole desire. That’s my goal.

And I like what Jesus said a little farther down the page.

“if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.” John 12:32

This relieves my struggles. I know that I must lift up Jesus. Everything
else will fall into place when that is done. Everything else will happen
as it’s supposed to happen. I know that if Jesus is first, if He is
foremost, if He is in charge that God’s glory will be done with this
property and with this issue.

I am not troubled. I will stay to the task of lifting up Jesus. I will
stay to the task at hand. God will work the property out in His own time
and in His own way. I know that’s the way He wants it.

*P:* Lord, thank you for that reading today. I’m not the only one
troubled – you were troubled too. And God the Father spoke to you to
acknowledge that He was till in charge. His words to you, speak to me
today. You are in charge. You are able. You are the one that makes
things happen. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for the way you’ve worked this
out. Thank you for allowing me to grow in my knowledge and dependence
upon you, Lord.

I pray for tonight’s meeting. I pray you will open my life and open my
doors. I pray you will lead the group of people who will come there
tonight and give them the courage to step up to the plate – or
completely shut the door, Lord. I pray you will shut it so everyone sees
it shutting. Lord, please prepare my heart to do what you ask me to day.
I will follow. I submit my life to you. I will walk with you and follow
you wherever you lead.

Lord, one final request about property. Please lead us to listen to you.
Where do you want our home? Do you think it’s a bad thing near the power
lines? Lord, you know I would never want to put anyone at risk. I pray
that I won’t do that, for a view of the mountains. Please lead us, Lord.
Please direct us. Please open our hearts to listen to you. Me, I’d
always like my way, but I don’t want to be selfish. I want to listen to
your will and your ways. I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us, Lord. I
want to walk with you. I love you.


*12/19/2005 6:56 AM*



*S:* “Now a certain man was there who had an infirmity thirty-eight
years. When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been
in that condition a long time, He said to him, ‘Do you want to be
healed?’” John 5:5, 6

*O:* I used to think this was a rather weird question by Jesus. I mean,
here he is, talking to a man who has laid beside the pool for 38 years
and wanted to be healed and he asks him, do you want to be healed? But
now I know people a little better. Many people say they want to be
healed, want to follow God, want to be a Christian, but don’t. Many
people say they want to be healed physically, spiritually, emotionally,
or even mentally. But when there comes something a bit hard, they revert
back to the way things have always been.

I think of Gail’s friend who has been in and out of the hospital
recently claiming to have this physical issue and that physical issue.
This friend claims to be emotionally imbalanced or physically out of
sorts. But in reality, she simply needed to listen to God and do what He
wants her to do.

How do I know this? Because she has recently been saying, that’s exactly
what she was doing – claiming to want healing, but really wanting the
care and feeding of people who will enable her to remain in her situation.

Jesus comes along to all of us and says, “Do you want to be healed?”

I find many people – myself included at times – don’t want God to heal
us. I’ll say things like, “Lord, I’ll follow you all the way (except in
this one area).”

*A:* I know that I must submit daily to Christ. I must submit every
moment of every day. I know that I must submit my life, my choices, my
actions, and all that I am. In other words, I can’t hold anything back
from God. I must allow Him to have total control. I hear Jesus asking,
“Rog, Do you want to be healed?”

Do I want to be healed from my sugar addiction? Do I want to be healed
from my pride? Do I want to be healed from my physical issues? Do I want
to be healed from my selfishness? Do I want to be healed from my
disorganization? Do I want to be healed from my “stuff?” Or do I like my
life and do I want to stay the same?

*P:* Lord, I submit myself to you. I’m not happy with the way things
would be if I were only listening to my opinionated self. I’m here
today, Lord, because I know that I do want to be healed. I want to be
more like you and less like me. I want to be changed to become a man
like you, Lord. Yes, I want to be healed. I don’t want to be like me.
Lord, please come in and fill me with the Holy Spirit. I want to be
healed and I want to be like you.

Eagerness for the 2nd Coming!

12/13/2005 5:48 AM

S: ?And it is appointed for men to die once, but after this
the judgment, so Christ was offered once to bear the sins
of many. To those who eagerly wait for Him He will appear
a second time, apart from sin, for salvation.? Hebrews

O: Judgment is so feared by most people. Judgment is
feared by people who won?t be judged righteous. But this
verse promises us that Jesus died so we don?t have to. He
bore our sins because we couldn?t bear them for ourselves.
But it also talks about more than judgment. It talks
about the fact that He is coming a 2nd time and all those
who are ?eagerly? waiting for Him ? to those he will come

In other words, Jesus doesn?t come for those people who
don?t want Him to come. He doesn?t come for those who kind
of wait for Him. He comes for those who EAGERLY wait for


Main Entry: ea?ger
Pronunciation: ‘E-g&r
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English egre, from Middle French aigre,
from Latin acer — more at EDGE
1 a archaic : SHARP b obsolete : SOUR
2 : marked by enthusiastic or impatient desire or interest
– ea?ger?ly adverb
– ea?ger?ness noun
synonyms EAGER, AVID, KEEN, ANXIOUS, ATHIRST mean moved by
a strong and urgent desire or interest. EAGER implies ardor
and enthusiasm and sometimes impatience at delay or
restraint . AVID adds to EAGER the
implication of insatiability or greed <avid for new
thrills>. KEEN suggests intensity of interest and quick
responsiveness in action .
ANXIOUS emphasizes fear of frustration or failure or
disappointment .
ATHIRST stresses yearning but not necessarily readiness for
action .

Taken from

A: How eager am I for the second coming? How eager am I to
see Jesus? Am I eager enough to get away from my computer?
Am I eager enough to put down my work? Am I eager enough
to teach my children about my eagerness? Am I eager enough
to focus on God rather than my enjoyment about things? Am
I eager enough to see what?s happening and follow God all
the way? Am I eager enough to read my Bible and apply it
to my life? Am I eager enough to listen to God, to pray to
God, to share that with another person?

P: Lord, have mercy on me. I want to develop that
eagerness in me, in my kids, my wife, my church, my
friends. I pray you will make that eagerness take me by
the hand and prepare me for whatever you want me to do in
order that I might actually serve you and eagerly await
your son coming. Lord, give me that urgency and impatience
for your coming. I wait. I love you, Lord. I will follow

New Covenant

12/12/2005 5:55 AM

S: ?In that He says, ?A new covenant,? He has made the
first obsolete. Now what is becoming obsolete and growing
old is ready to vanish.? Hebrews 8:11

O: A brief cursory reading of this passage makes you think
that perhaps he?s saying something significant here about
doing away with what the Old Covenant was. But the
preceding verses quote the new covenant verbatim. And it
becomes very clear that the New Covenant and the Old
Covenant had the same things in it. It was about the law.
But the thing where it differed was the blessings and
cursing part of it. In other words, in the Old, the
responsibility for the covenant was in God and in us. In
the new, God takes ALL the responsibility.

A: Having God?s law written on my heart is about more than
simply having a knowledge of the 10 commandments. It?s got
a lot more to do with us than simply keeping the Sabbath.
Having God?s law written on my heart is like having my
life lived out according to God?s purposes, thinking like
God, feeling God?s feelings, living like Him. It?s
patterning my life after the ways of God.

P: Lord, write it now on my heart. I want to be a man like
you. I want to be a man like you live and like you are. I
want to live like you, act like you, be filled with you and
to walk like you. Please fill me now with the Holy Spirit
and make me a man like you. I pray for the Holy Spirit to
guide me and to write YOU on my heart.

I love you and I want to serve you.