Crying Out to God

11/6/2005 6:25 AM

S: ?In my distress I cried to the LORD, And He heard me?.?
Psalm 120:1

?And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of
His Son into your hearts, crying out, ?Abba, Father!?
Galatians 4:6

O: In both cases here, someone is crying out to God, as
their Father, for help. And in the crying out, they know
that there is someone there to catch them. In their crying
out, they know that someone is God. God alone can catch us
when we jump too far. God alone can catch us when life is
too much. God alone can catch us when we?re in danger.
God alone can catch us when we are in over our heads.

A: These verses speak to me today because I all of a sudden
feel like I?m in over my head. Once again, it?s budget
time again and I am trying to maintain a budget that is
focused on outreach/evangelism and I am trying to maintain
a budget based on multiple staff. Add to that mix of
buying property and doubling our rent ? whoo-boy!

As I look at it right now, our budget looks like this:

30% Rent $4200/month
35% Salaries $8-9000/month
So far so good
27% Loan on property $3800/month
30% Evangelism (this does not include the income, nor
expenditures of the RMC money) $8334/month
171% Proposed ministries budget for next year. Nearly

That?s 293% of our actual income right now. Hmmm. Our
income is roughly $14,000/month.

Why do I feel the need to cry out to God? Why do I feel
the need to cry out and plead with Him about this
situation? It seems obvious.

Everything I have read about church budgets, I?m on track
for ? as to the facilities and salaries costs for the
budget. But then, our 30% towards evangelism is a huge
cost that most churches never do. But I?m a believer that
Adventist churches grow differently because of our
theology. So, I don?t see how I can afford to do anything
differently with that.

P: Lord, my soul cries out to you for this situation. This
is a huge amount of money. Not only is it a huge amount of
money, but one thing it does show is that this church is
active, it?s full and it?s growing. I?m not daunted by
this challenge, but it certainly is going to change some
things about how we do things.

How do we go about it? That?s what my soul is crying out
about God. That?s what my soul is dealing with, trying to
get my mind wrapped around this.

Last year we budgeted close to $24,000/month. We did NOT
bring that much in, but we also underspent what we actually
did bring in. So, we?re doing alright in that category.
This year, we?ve learned some things about budgeting with
this many active ministries. We?ve learned some things
about what the church needs to pay for and what others will
pay for.

When we talked about what the absolute non-negotiables for
our budget were on Thursday night, the Directors said ? 3
pastors (of which I am not a part of the budget) and
evangelism/outreach came right out on top.

Lord, we need you help. Yesterday there was a smidgen of
help. One of our directors came up to me and said he
wanted to give the other $20,000 that is needed for our
$50,000 earnest money payment (we already have $30,000 in
the bank for building fund). That?s good news and it?s
not. It?s good news because that?s $20,000. We did have
enough to make the payment anyway, but that?s still a good
amount of money.

It?s bad news, because I was going to get all my ducks in a
row and go ask this particular individual for $250,000
towards the land purchase. I?m hoping that his giving of
$20k won?t diffuse that potential of giving $250k.

Lord, my soul cries out to you. The Psalmist says in Psalm
120 that in his distress he cried out to you and you heard
him. Lord, I?m crying out to you and I know that you hear
me. I know that you hear me and will figure this thing

The property thing is likely what is pushing us above and
beyond everything that we?ve ever come to. Yes, the
proposed ministry budget is also huge, but we expected to
have people ask for the moon and then to be cut down from
that point forward. They now have a better and more
realistic view of our finances and they will need to ask
for less. I will send it back to them?.

Lord, I know you hear me. I know you will answer our need.
We believe that this property deal is too good to pass up.
Yet, I?m the one that always says, good deals always come
around. Is this one of those good deals, Lord, that we
will pass on, because we will find something better around
the corner?

When we first started looking at land, we were looking for
someplace that might accommodate both locations under one
roof. Perhaps that?s not to be. Perhaps that?s not where
we?re headed. I?m not sure, Lord. But I do pray for the
Holy Spirit to guide us. I do pray for the Holy Spirit to
lead us. I do pray that you will give us wisdom and you
will lead us. I ask you into my heart. I ask you into my
life. I pray, Lord, for the Holy Spirit. Please guide us.

I trust you, Lord. I will follow you all my days. I love