when in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!

10/8/2005 6:29 AM

S: ?men?s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation
of those things which are coming on the earth for the
powers of the heavens will be shaken.? Luke 21:26

O: A tsunami this year, terrorist attacks all over the
world now, bird flu scares, hurricane after hurricane, and
people are beginning to see the end of the world in all of
this. This text says that men faint and their hearts fail
them simply form the fear of the coming events ? not that
they are really happening.

A: I have a tendency to see the end in these kinds of
things ? not that I see the end, but that I see the
possibility of the end. But it is certainly not a time to
run in circles and scream and shout. Nope. It?s a time to
really focus on what God is doing. It?s a time to focus on
what God is doing in our hearts and in our minds. It?s a
time to focus on what we are going to accomplish.

P: Lord, this is a time for me to rely upon you. I don?t
have the answers, but you do. Please keep leading me.
Please keep directing me. Please keep focusing me on your
path and on your desires. I want to serve you and follow
you. Please fill me with the Holy Spirit. I trust you,
Lord, with the end times. I trust you that you will always
fill me and you will always keep me going. I pray, Lord,
for my heart to be aligned with yours.