Don’t Quit Praying

10/2/2005 7:12 AM

S: “Ask the LORD for rain IN the time of the latter rain. The LORD will
make flashing clouds; He will give them showers of rain.for everyone.”
Zechariah 10:1

O: When the LORD is near coming, we should pray more for His coming. That’s
what I see here. When God is about to do something, we should pray more for
that thing to happen, not less. The latter rain for the harvest is about to
come. We should pray for those rain clouds that they do come and they come
with abundance.

Yesterday I cast the vision of reaching out. Yesterday I cast the vision
for continuing to reach out in a bit of RISK. I cast the vision for
property. I cast the vision for what could be. I think people left a
little excited. I think they left in a way that made them excited about the
future and glad for the past.

A: Now, the real work kicks in. It’s almost time for it to “rain.” We need
to really be on our knees for the “rain” to actually come. We need to be on
our knees for the rain to come together and for the rain to come to fully
come and to come to everyone. What I mean is, that just because people want
to see us get property and our own building, doesn’t mean that they want to
pay for it. It doesn’t mean that they want to work to make it happen. It
doesn’t mean that they want to do things that will actually bring this
church to fruition.

We’ve got a tough row to hoe right now. We need to get the West Campus
up-to-speed with the East Campus helping them, so that when we come to
raising money, the West Campus will no longer feel like the lost step-child
and they will help their brothers and sister on the East raise money for the
building and land.

P: Lord, I know that things are simply not going to fall into place just
because it’s timed well. I know that just because we think the rain is
about to fall, doesn’t mean that the rain will fall. We need you involved
in this whole process, Lord. We need you involved with this whole thing to
make sure that times move forward. In other words, we need to continue to
go forward on our knees. We need to continue to move forward on the
direction that you give us, Lord.

It’s not just going to happen. We need to work in our prayer time to you.
We need to do the work which you have called us to do. I pray that both
will happen. I pray you will also follow-through for us, Lord. Also, I
pray, Lord, for the Holy Spirit to guide us and give us wisdom.

Lord, I pray for the rain of finances. I pray for the rain of direction. I
pray for the rain of locations. I pray for the rain of money for the
long-term. I pray for help on seeing that property through. I pray for
direction and I pray for your wisdom. I pray you will guide us, Lord. I
pray you will lead us. I pray you will direct us to follow your path and to
follow your will. Please lead us in your direction.