The God Factor – I must lean on someone bigger

9/29/2005 6:38 AM

S: ??Not by might nor by powers, but my My Spirit,? Says
the LORD of hosts.? Zechariah 4:6

O: John Maxwell says this about this text (The Maxwell
Leadership Bible, p. 1128):

God reminds the people through Zechariah that they would
succeed, not because o their own might and powers, but
because of His Spirit. He would be the source of their

Secure leaders do not feel put off by this truth; they
aren?t interested in monopolizing the credit. They welcome
God?s intervention and direct their followers to seek it.
Every great leaders yearns for God?s partnership. We are
wise when, from the beginning, we welcome God?s direction
and strength as we enter a new project. Consider what
Zechariah wants to teach us:

1. Great works are done by God?s divine hands (v. 6).
2. The foundation of these works are human; the Lord works
through people (v. 9).
3. Great works are done by God?s Spirit, through us, to
glorify Him (v. 9).

A: These are good words for me today. I am awestruck as I
realize that we could actually be owners of 74 acres of
property. I am anxious about whether we can pay for it. I
feel pressured when I think of making that decision and
doing it very soon.

But I realize that this must be God?s thing, not mine.
Although this decision must run through me, as a leader,
as long as I am listening to God, things will be doing very
well. In other words, I can?t build a church on my power,
rather I must build it on God?s power. I cannot build on
my strengths, my charisma, my pressure tactics, I must
build on God?s wisdom, strength and desires.

P: My prayer, Lord, is that you keep me reminded of what is
going on in my life. You keep me in tune with you. I
don?t want to run the church into financial ruin. I don?t
want the church to quit doing outreach and evangelism. I
pray you will guide me. I pray you will lead me. I pray I
will keep listening to you.

I ask you into my heart, Lord. I ask you lead me and be in
charge of me. I pray you will focus my leadership on you.
I pray you will never let me walk away. I ask you into my
heart to fill me with the Holy Spirit. I pray you will
fill me, forgive me, cleanse me and keep me on the right

I love you, Lord.