Trust GOD!

9/22/2005 6:11 AM

S: ?When Simon Peter saw it [the catch of fish], he fell
down at Jesus? knees, saying, ?Depart from me, for I am a
sinful man, O Lord!? ??Do not be afraid. From now on you
will catch men.? So when they had brought their boats to
land, they forsook all and followed Him.? Luke 5:8-11

?Then he said to me, ?Do not fear, Daniel, for from the
first day that you set your heart to understand, and to
humble yourself before your God, your words were heard?.??
Daniel 10:12

O: There is no need to fear before God. He hears us, He
calls us. Two very different passages, but in each, God
tells the people to not fear. I get this feeling that God
is not to be feared in the way of scared of Him. I?m not
talking about the KJV version of fearing God. But I am
talking about the approachable God. I see a picture of
when God is near, all is safe ? IF we are like Daniel and
we come in humility before Him.

He hears us. He calls us. Two very distinct things. But
one shows that God is listening to us. There?s a reason
not to fear Him, he cares enough to listen. The other
shows he wants what is best for us ? he calls us.

A: I believe God wants what is best for me. But there are
far too many times I still want to have charge. This
passage shows that Peter didn?t have charge of the
situation. Daniel didn?t have charge either. God was in
control and He is still sovereign. I know that, but I
still want to have control.

I think for me, that comes down to a growing in my trust of
God. In other words, I know he has control, but the reason
I want to hang on to total control is that I don?t really
trust him enough.

Yesterday I struggled with some things, because of friend
who has been having an 8 month affair. How come I didn?t
know? How come I didn?t see it? Why did it happen? I
think that is answered in a mistrust of God ? wanting to
have control, not giving up control to God.

Peter, James, John, Andrew just received their biggest
catch of the year. At the pinnacle of their success they
walked away from it all to follow Jesus. Daniel, was in
charge of most of Babylon, and had just prayed for
forgiveness for not following through on God?s
commandments. But in the end, he trusted God.

Both of these stories are about trust. One group of men
were learning to trust God. The other trusted and came to
Him for answers.

Do I trust God with my friend? Do I trust God with my own
life? But for the grace of God, there go I!

P: Lord, I pray for a growing relationship with you that is
not distracted by the STUFF of life ? the stress, the cares
the busyness, or anything else. Lord, please take me and
use me and make me like you. Please fill me and make my
desire to be like yours.

I pray, Lord, for the Holy Spirit to guide me. I pray for
the Holy Spirit to lead me. I submit to you, Lord.

I watched those sheep and the goat we sold yesterday, Lord.
I watched and I realized that they were trusting of us.
It was kind of sad to get rid of them. It was almost sad
to see them disappear. Because they trusted us, they
allowed us to lead them.

Lord, I want to be like those sheep. I want to trust you
to lead. You will lead me to the best place that we have
to go. Thank you, Lord. I want to walk with you. I will
follow you. I love you.