The God Factor – I must lean on someone bigger

9/29/2005 6:38 AM

S: ??Not by might nor by powers, but my My Spirit,? Says
the LORD of hosts.? Zechariah 4:6

O: John Maxwell says this about this text (The Maxwell
Leadership Bible, p. 1128):

God reminds the people through Zechariah that they would
succeed, not because o their own might and powers, but
because of His Spirit. He would be the source of their

Secure leaders do not feel put off by this truth; they
aren?t interested in monopolizing the credit. They welcome
God?s intervention and direct their followers to seek it.
Every great leaders yearns for God?s partnership. We are
wise when, from the beginning, we welcome God?s direction
and strength as we enter a new project. Consider what
Zechariah wants to teach us:

1. Great works are done by God?s divine hands (v. 6).
2. The foundation of these works are human; the Lord works
through people (v. 9).
3. Great works are done by God?s Spirit, through us, to
glorify Him (v. 9).

A: These are good words for me today. I am awestruck as I
realize that we could actually be owners of 74 acres of
property. I am anxious about whether we can pay for it. I
feel pressured when I think of making that decision and
doing it very soon.

But I realize that this must be God?s thing, not mine.
Although this decision must run through me, as a leader,
as long as I am listening to God, things will be doing very
well. In other words, I can?t build a church on my power,
rather I must build it on God?s power. I cannot build on
my strengths, my charisma, my pressure tactics, I must
build on God?s wisdom, strength and desires.

P: My prayer, Lord, is that you keep me reminded of what is
going on in my life. You keep me in tune with you. I
don?t want to run the church into financial ruin. I don?t
want the church to quit doing outreach and evangelism. I
pray you will guide me. I pray you will lead me. I pray I
will keep listening to you.

I ask you into my heart, Lord. I ask you lead me and be in
charge of me. I pray you will focus my leadership on you.
I pray you will never let me walk away. I ask you into my
heart to fill me with the Holy Spirit. I pray you will
fill me, forgive me, cleanse me and keep me on the right

I love you, Lord.

Trust GOD!

9/22/2005 6:11 AM

S: ?When Simon Peter saw it [the catch of fish], he fell
down at Jesus? knees, saying, ?Depart from me, for I am a
sinful man, O Lord!? ??Do not be afraid. From now on you
will catch men.? So when they had brought their boats to
land, they forsook all and followed Him.? Luke 5:8-11

?Then he said to me, ?Do not fear, Daniel, for from the
first day that you set your heart to understand, and to
humble yourself before your God, your words were heard?.??
Daniel 10:12

O: There is no need to fear before God. He hears us, He
calls us. Two very different passages, but in each, God
tells the people to not fear. I get this feeling that God
is not to be feared in the way of scared of Him. I?m not
talking about the KJV version of fearing God. But I am
talking about the approachable God. I see a picture of
when God is near, all is safe ? IF we are like Daniel and
we come in humility before Him.

He hears us. He calls us. Two very distinct things. But
one shows that God is listening to us. There?s a reason
not to fear Him, he cares enough to listen. The other
shows he wants what is best for us ? he calls us.

A: I believe God wants what is best for me. But there are
far too many times I still want to have charge. This
passage shows that Peter didn?t have charge of the
situation. Daniel didn?t have charge either. God was in
control and He is still sovereign. I know that, but I
still want to have control.

I think for me, that comes down to a growing in my trust of
God. In other words, I know he has control, but the reason
I want to hang on to total control is that I don?t really
trust him enough.

Yesterday I struggled with some things, because of friend
who has been having an 8 month affair. How come I didn?t
know? How come I didn?t see it? Why did it happen? I
think that is answered in a mistrust of God ? wanting to
have control, not giving up control to God.

Peter, James, John, Andrew just received their biggest
catch of the year. At the pinnacle of their success they
walked away from it all to follow Jesus. Daniel, was in
charge of most of Babylon, and had just prayed for
forgiveness for not following through on God?s
commandments. But in the end, he trusted God.

Both of these stories are about trust. One group of men
were learning to trust God. The other trusted and came to
Him for answers.

Do I trust God with my friend? Do I trust God with my own
life? But for the grace of God, there go I!

P: Lord, I pray for a growing relationship with you that is
not distracted by the STUFF of life ? the stress, the cares
the busyness, or anything else. Lord, please take me and
use me and make me like you. Please fill me and make my
desire to be like yours.

I pray, Lord, for the Holy Spirit to guide me. I pray for
the Holy Spirit to lead me. I submit to you, Lord.

I watched those sheep and the goat we sold yesterday, Lord.
I watched and I realized that they were trusting of us.
It was kind of sad to get rid of them. It was almost sad
to see them disappear. Because they trusted us, they
allowed us to lead them.

Lord, I want to be like those sheep. I want to trust you
to lead. You will lead me to the best place that we have
to go. Thank you, Lord. I want to walk with you. I will
follow you. I love you.

Watchman – Proclaim

9/13/2005 7:08 AM

S: ?But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not
blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the
sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is
taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require of
the watchman?s hand.? Ezekiel 33:6

O: God is warning Ezekiel to say what has been told to say.
Perhaps Ezekiel was getting tired of always preaching the
doom and gloom message that he was given to preach.
Perhaps he was tired of going to the surrounding nations
and not being able to see any results. Perhaps he was
tired of doing it God?s ways. We aren?t told. But we are
told that what is given the watchman is required to give
out to the people. In other words, don?t hold it in.

A: This passage always challenges me. I have to stop and
ask myself, am I warning the people of the coming
disasters? Am I sharing what the Bible says about the
issues of Sabbath, Sabbath-keeping, and that kind of stuff?
Am I sharing about the things that matter in the long-run,
or am I just preaching to ?itching ears??

I think I am preaching on the things that God has given me
to preach on. I think that I am preaching on the things
that need to be preaching on. I believe that. But I don?t
want to believe wrongly. I don?t want to believe anything
that isn?t true.

P: Lord, my prayer is that I will actually preach the
message you?ve given me. My prayer is that I will preach
the message and that I will preach it in a way that people
will listen, will understand, will open their hearts and
become obedient to you. Lord, I pray you will lead me. I
pray you will direct me. I pray you will keep me listening
to you and you will keep me directed to following you.
Please help me, Lord. Please guide me, Lord. I need your
help and your guidance. I love you.

Times of Struggle

9/3/2005 6:07 AM

S: “because they had not executed My judgments, but had despised My
statutes, profaned My Sabbaths, and their eyes were fixed on their fathers’
idols.” Ezekiel 20:24

O: Israel was hauled into captivity for 4 reasons:
1. They didn’t execute God’s judgments
2. They despised His statutes (rules)
3. They profaned the Sabbaths
4. They worshipped idols

The question I have – is this a combination that ALWAYS goes together? Is
it a combination that once all 4 elements are in place, God metes out His

A: I think this also describes modern day society and probably modern
1. We don’t deal with sin the way God has asked us to
2. We don’t follow all His rules anymore
3. Most don’t keep any form of a Sabbath and some simply go to church
on Sabbath
4. We worship movies, sports, food, beauty, etc.

Therefore, in my opinion, we have all the elements of beginning to receive
God’s judgment. God waited a long time before doing that with Israel. When
that comes, I don’t know. I suspect it will come at the 2nd Coming of
Christ. I don’t know that I believe the tsunamis, hurricanes, etc. are
about His judgments, but I suspect that they will get increasingly worse as
time goes on.

I could easily see things building to a head and people saying – we have to
get back to God, but they only take it to the next level in the four things
listed above.

P: Lord, I pray you will prepare my heart to listen to you. I pray you will
prepare my mind to listen to you. I pray you will prepare my heart to
follow you. I ask you into my heart. I ask you to fill me wit the Holy
Spirit. I pray you, Lord, will guide me and make me like you. I put my
life in your hands today. Please make me like you, Lord. Please fill me
with the Holy Spirit. I love you. I want to serve you.