Working Through Issues

This has been a really interesting month at The Adventure. In many ways it
seems as if our church is coming together while at the same time it’s as if
it is falling a part.

What does that mean? It just means that while some of the systems
are still not in place, many of them area actually coming together. But
while we are getting more and more done and becoming much more effective
about what we’re doing, it seems as if there are still loose ends to shore

For me, that simply means that the church is reflecting me. I don’t take
any of the good credit here – rather I take the blame for living too long as
an undisciplined and disorganized pastor. That’s not the case anymore. But
for years I did.

Other things going on this month. We’re in contract negotiations with our
landlords and they are seeking to raise our rent by 75+% Although that may
seem incredible (it is), I find it interesting how God is moving us and how
he is shaping us. Perhaps this is just the push we need to get us to move
into our own place. There are a few options out there. And they are worth
pursuing. But for now, we’re trying to negotiate with our current facility
owners and see where that leads us.

We have Outdoor Worship Today (8/20/2005) at 5pm. And we are praying that
the weather holds for us. We also have another baptism of two individuals
today. This is AWESOME!