follow through on what we’ve learned

7/5/2005 7:13 AM

S: ?Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the
things we have heard, lest we drift away.? Hebrews 2:1

O: In light of the reading in Hosea 2-5 today, where the
people were accused of harlotry ? by serving other gods,
and then this one to pay attention to the past and follow
the truth they have already been taught. I think I see a
tie between the two.

In other words, if Israel would have paid attention to the
past, Hosea never would have been written to accuse them
and correct them of serving other gods. We can learn from
them. We don?t need to do what they did.

Israel, to their credit, after the exile, never turned to
false gods again. But they did turn to an apathetic
religion. Which is worse ? to be passionate about the
wrong thing, or to not care about the right thing? Both
are bad, and I?m not sure you can measure them in degrees.

I do believe that our society is forgetting the past. And
I?m mainly talking about the society of so-called Christ
followers. In other words, they are distracted with other
gods, or they are taken off course with an apathetic
religion. The other gods of this age are entertainment,
sports, food and sex. The apathetic religion is a pretty
big thing though, as they seek to follow God, they want to
do it with a divided heart or no heart at all.

A: For me, I know how easy it is to get distracted. I also
know the things I should learn from the past. If I don?t
pay attention to it and I don?t learn from the past
mistakes, I will be like the leders in Hosea who moved the
boundary markers.

John Maxwell says in today?s reading:
Boundary stones were to be fixed and so bring definition to
a plot of land. Israel?s leaders moved what never should
have been moved; they compromised values. Leaders who
cannot be trusted with basic integrity will surely suffer
God?s anger. Every organization needs boundary stones.
Leaders must establish and keep them.
The Maxwell Leadership Bible, p. 1049

That?s a good reminder for me. That in order to stay a
fully devoted follower and in order to stay decidedly
Adventist, I can?t mess with the boundary markers of
belief, and maybe not too much with the organizational

P: Lord, I pray you will take my heart and make me a man
after yours. I want to be a fully devoted follower of
Christ. I want to be a totally devoted person to you and
your cause. I know the battle you have called me to and
that is the battle of reaching lost people with the message
of Jesus.

You have not called me to the battle of fixing the
Adventist church, you have not called me to the battle of
fixing the organizational structure. You have called me to
the battle of working against the kingdom of darkness.

I pray for strength to do the task you have called me to.
I pray for strength to walk with you and lean on you
through that calling. I pray you will fill me with the
Holy Spirit and come into my heart. Take my heart, Lord,
for I cannot give it. Take it and make me like you. I
love you. I want to serve you.