Letting God Lead

7/4/2005 6:53 AM

S: ?You, O LORD, in the beginning laid the foundation of
the earth, And the heavens are the work of Your hands.?
Hebrews 1:10

O: The author of Hebrews is quoting from Psalm 110.

A: I find this Psalm exceedingly meaningful today right
after NASA sent a space probe into the center of meteor to
help them discover the beginnings of the universe some
so-called 4.3 billion years ago.

The theory is that meteors are made up of dirt, gas and ice
and that they are leftovers, remnants of the beginnings of
the universe. The scientists at NASA want to be able to
probe the center of this meteor. They think the impact
will make a crater up to the size of a football field.
They have pictures of the whole deal and everything
happened according to its plan.

Why are people so unwilling to look to the real source of
creation? Why are they so unwilling to look for things
that simply aren?t there? Why do they look for places
where they will never find the real answer? What?s going

I mean, people are all the time unwilling to look to God
for the answers. Even Christians are prone to not listen
to God on the issue. They want to follow God, but when
there is an obvious answer before them, they ignore it.

I see that in reading 1 Kings 15 and 16 today too. In fact
this is all the way through Kings and Chronicles. There
were good kings and there were bad kings. But even the
good kings refused to take down the ?high places.? In
other words, they were refusing to deal with the obvious.

I wonder what the obvious things are in today?s world? I
wonder what the high places are that we as Christians are
refusing to take down. I think they could be things like
music, entertainment, and food. I think they could be as
specific as TV, sports and movies. I know that it?s all
about letting God lead individuals. I am not trying to say
that everyone should do as I do. Because I know that I am
a long ways from perfect. But I just wonder if we really
know the truth and are refusing to see the answer for it.

P: Lord, I pray that my life will be open to your leading.
I pray that my life will be open to following you. I pray
that I will be willing to listen to you. I pray you will
guide me and protect me, but that you will also forgive me
for the times I have not wanted to listen to you. Lord, I
know that I have said no to you many times in my life. I
want to stop saying no. I want to start saying yes.

Please come into my heart. Please come into my life. I
want to say yes about the way I lead. I want to say yes
about the way I think. I want to say yes about the way I
listen to my family and about the way I interact with my
family. I want to say yes, Lord, to you in all my ways and
in all my thoughts and in all my actions and in all of who
I am. I want to say yes, Lord, in all of me.

Please come and reign supreme in my heart. Please come and
make me a man who is like you. I love you, Lord.