live like you mean it

6/22/2005 7:06 AM

S: ?Let no one despise you?, but be an example to the
believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in
faith, in purity.? 1 Timothy 4:12

O: 6 categories of areas where Paul tells Timothy to be an
example in. He could have left it to two ? word and
conduct. But instead he broke conduct down into more
categories ? love, spirit, faith and purity. Each of those
defines a lot more than simply saying conduct. But each of
these things define a Christian. It is someone who speaks
the word of truth, acts like he lives with the word of
truth. This person should be full of the Spirit, having
faith in God and living within the boundaries of purity.

A: I took the word ?youth? out of the scripture, because I
didn?t feel like I was a youth anymore. That?s reserved
for someone in their 20s and 30s. But the words of this
passage are words for me ? to be an example.

I understand that I?m a broken model in each of these
areas. I understand that I?m a model that needs to point
to the ultimate model, Jesus. But these are good reminders
for me ? love, spirit, faith and purity, conduct and word.

In other words, I should not just talk the talk as a
pastor, but I also must walk the walk.

P: Lord, I don?t write about this to put undue pressure on
me, nor do I write about it because I have somehow attained
to this issue ? not at all. But I pray for your strength
and I pray for your will. I pray you will come into my
heart and come into my life. Please lead me to be a
Christian in all areas of my life.

So, I submit my work, my wife, my kids, my home, my stuff
and ME to you, Lord. I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide
me and to lead me. I pray you will fill me and make me a
man like you. Please lead me to focus on you, Lord, and to
focus on walking with you. I love you.