The Promise of the End of Evil

6/4/2005 6:15 AM

S: “For your obedience has become known to all. Therefore I am glad on your
behalf, but want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil.
And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly..” Romans
16:19, 20

O: I don’t like Romans 16 and I frankly wasn’t going to read it this
morning. Because it’s like a speech of someone who just gets up and says,
“I want to say thank you to.. And to .. And to..” It’s like the
acknowledgments in a book – thanks and greetings to all the people he’s been
helped by.

But I thought that I should read it, if I’m going to do the FULL measure of
my devotions and I found this wonderful promise.

Paul says that your obedience is KNOWN to all! That’s good news. Their
works were mimicking their words. Their fruit was known and it was good

But then Paul gives them a warning to be careful of the evil. And then he
shares the promise – God will crush Satan shortly! Hallelujah! That’s good
news! That’s the kind of thing that needs to be preached from the mountain
tops. It’s about the 2nd coming of Christ. It’s about the end of sin as we
know it. It’s about the end of our day-to-day struggles.

A: On a more practical level, I can simply be assured that God is working to
crush Satan in my life. He’s going to crush the problems I have with
people. He’s going to crush the sins in my life. He’s going to crush the
trouble I have with family and friends. He’s going to crush my thought
patterns and recreate in me a new and clean heart – which He already has.

Praise be to the Lord for His wondrous working. The promise of a crushed
evil means that good, joy, righteousness, holiness, Godliness will reign
supreme forever and ever.

P: Thank you, Lord. I love you for that promise. I love you without that
promise. I love you in all my ways. I love you all my days. I want to be
the person that promise is spoken of – my obedience is known to all, I’m
always being warned of the evil around, and to receive the promise of a
crushed evil and You, Father God, reigning supreme in my life.

I submit my life to you. I will follow you. I love you.