poor, needy, homeless, fatherless….

4/26/2005 7:04 AM

S: ?I know that the LORD will maintain the cause of the
afflicted, and justice for the poor, surely the righteous
shall give thanks to Your name; The upright shall dwell in
Your presence.? Psalm 140:12, 13

O: David is writing here talking about how God always
watches over the struggles of people. He?s saying that he
watches over the poor and takes care of them.

A: It reminds me that of other scriptures that talk about a
religion that is faultless is watching over the homeless,
the poor the neglected, the fatherless, widows, etc. I
think of Isaiah 58.

But I also think of this last weekend. A guy calls me on
Friday afternoon and wants to get together with me on
Saturday before or after church. I know what he?s going to
ask me ? he needed money. I don?t warm up to that very
well. And I know he?s putting me off because he thinks he
can make a better case for it in person than he can over
the phone. But I don?t have time on Sabbath to meet with
nearly anyone. He?s clear over in Ft. Collins, and won?t
call the Ft. Collins church. So, what do I do? I told him
I couldn?t do anything on Saturday. I calls me several
times anyway and leaves me two messages during the 2nd
campus services.

I didn?t call him back. Sunday wasn?t much better and he
didn?t call on Sunday or on Monday. I suppose the issue is
past. I suppose that I?ve not helped and he?s turned
somewhere else. I think he mentioned something about a bus
ticket. But that could have been the guy that I helped the
week before.

So, my question is, how do I take care of these situations?
How do I handle them? Do I help everyone that asks, just
because the Bible says to take care of the poor? Do I take
care of some of them? Do I continue to handle it out of my
own pocket? Do I do it with joy in my heart? Do I try to
discern in the short time I?m given whether the need is
good or not? Did Jesus really tell us to help no matter
what and just to help the least of these is enough? In
other words, they wouldn?t ask if they weren?t already one
of the least of these. Therefore do I just help because
I?m helping the least of these and by doing so, I?m helping

P: Lord, I would like some wisdom on this. I would like to
know just what to do on this. I would like to know how to
handle these situations. I frankly, do not know what to do
and I?d like some help and some guidance. Please open my
heart and open my mind here, Lord.

I pray for the Holy Spirit. I love you, Lord.