change of heart

4/22/2005 5:09 AM

S: ?The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are
few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out
laborers into His harvest.? Matthew 9:37

O: Jesus watches people. He listens to people. He truly
sees something that most people do not see. People are
ready for His message. They are ready to follow someone.
They have no shepherd. They have no leader. They want to
be followers and they want to follow someone who is good.
He sees that. He says to pray for harvesters.

A: Do I see the same thing in the world today? Do I see
the same thing in the way things have gone? Do I see the
same in people? Usually I see a bunch of spoiled brats
that aren?t willing to follow. Perhaps it?s me. Perhaps
it?s that I am not listening and watching well enough.
Perhaps it?s that I am not leading well.

P: Lord, I pray for harvesters amongst my church. But I
also pray for harvesters from outside the church ? people
who will find you and then pick up their sickle and begin
to help harvest alongside us. Please, Lord, lead us.
Please direct us. Please focus us. Please make us like

I pray you will give me a listening ear. I pray you will
give me a willing heart. Give me eyes to see the potential
in people and not the bumbles that they currently have.
Forgive me for being judgmental. Forgive me for not
listening to you. Let me listen and let me follow your
pathway. Please direct us and please fill us. Please make
me more and more like you.

I love you.