Gideon compared to me.

3/29/2005 6:59 AM

S: “And the Angel of the LORD appeared to him, and said to him, ‘The LORD is
with you, you might man of valor!'” Judges 6:10

O: Gideon was hiding form the Midianites. He was grinding grain in a
winepress to hide it from the Midianites. He wasn’t in the grain fields.
He was in the vineyards. It wasn’t grape season. And God calls him a
mighty man of valor. I think that is probably because God saw two things:
1) that Gideon was going to become a mighty man of valor, and 2) that God in
him, was what made him a mighty man of valor.

A: I am not a mighty man of valor for God because I know Tae Kwon Do. I am
not a mighty man of valor because I have nearly 300 people coming to church.
I am not a mighty man of valor because I am somehow strong or mighty in my
life. I am a mighty man of valor only when I am spending time listening to
and following God. Each day that I have my devotions and each day that I
read and apply the Bible to my life, is a day that I can become an even
mightier man of valor. Because it’s not about me, but it’s about the GOD
who lives in me!

P: Lord, my prayer is that you will fill me with the Holy Spirit. My prayer
is that you will make me like this earlier part of the story of Gideon. I
pray you will fill me, change me, and mold me into the man of valor that you
want me to become. It’s about fighting the devil and the devil’s people and
it’s about gaining ground back for You, Lord.

We have to fight, because we have not obeyed. If we would have obeyed from
the get-go, we would have had peace and safety. I pray, Lord, that you will
turn us into people that is like you and that wants to be like you.

I submit myself and my church to you. I submit my attitude to you, I submit
my life to you. Please change me, make me like you. I love you, Lord.