Spring Up- O Well!

2/27/2005 7:06 AM

S: “Spring up, O well!” Numbers 21:17

O: This is talking about all that God has done for them.

A: I am amazed sometimes at how much God has done for me. The last few
weeks was culminated in yesterday’s church service and it made it a very
strong and real category for me. It showed me just what God can do and will
do and wants to do.

Yesterday we had 327 in church. That means that 11 months ago, we were
averaging about 180 and then we started the 2nd campus at the end of March.
Our two weeks leading up to that was over 200, but that means we’ve
essentially doubled our attendance in less than one year!

I know that I shouldn’t get too excited about this, because one Sabbath does
not an attendance average make. Rather it opened the door for people to see
what could be.

I had two people come up to me yesterday and talk about it specifically.
Erik Stenbakken came up and said, “We need to do THIS more often.” When I
ask what, he talked about bringing both campuses together. He said he
sometimes wondered why we were doing two campuses and when he tried to get a
seat and was forced to go up to the balcony, he totally understands why. I
told him about the numbers and he was SO excited about it.

Joe Schlueter came up also and said, “I feel so proud to be a part of this
church.” He talked about the vision is actually working, the plans are
working, and he also talked about this church being aggressive in reaching
people and he was humbled and proud to be doing just that. It was awesome.

P: Thank you, Lord, for the way you have led. Thank you for the way you’ve
led in all your ways and in all your days. Thank you for the way you’ve led
in my life. Spring up, O well! You are an everlasting well of refreshing
and of amazing proportions. Thank you, Lord. I love you!