Faithful Story

1/24/2005 5:03 AM
S: “And their words seemed to them like idle tales, and they did not believe
them.” Luke 24:11

O: This is an interesting passage in relation to Exodus 9-11 which I also
read this morning. That’s the story of the last of the plagues. Pharaoh is
choosing to look at Moses’ words as idle words. He’s saying, this is not
mission critical. They aren’t really going to happen.

The disciples chose to look at the ladies’ words as idle words too.

Both Moses and the ladies at the tomb, had been in the presence of God, or
at least had heard God’s words. But the other people didn’t believe them.
Why not?

A: How many times have I CHOSEN to not hear the words of God? How many
times have I CHOSEN to harden my heart and not listen? How many times have
I gone against God’s will only because I refused to listen?

Those are hard words. I know that I have closed my mind to the things of
God at times in my life. I know that I have chosen to make God’s words idle
tales, rather than a faithful story. But I am learning that God’s ways are
always the best ways.

For example, when I teach people about the Sabbath, I tell them that not
everything is understandable until you take that step of faith. I’m not
doing anything unreasonable with them, they already believe the Bible says
that, but they don’t understand every little nuance of the Sabbath when I
tell them that. They are ready to make the decision and step over the line,
and they usually do and they experience the full blessing of the Sabbath

In other words, sometimes I don’t know that everything is understandable in
God’s ways. The resurrection didn’t make sense. Locusts, boils, bloody
water, darkness had never happened on the magnitude that it happened those
few days in Egypt before. Sometimes what God says doesn’t make sense.

The question is, do I trust him enough to follow anyway?

P: Lord, I submit myself to you. I don’t want to follow my own ways. I
don’t want to follow my ways, but your ways. I pray, Lord, for your will to
be done in my life. I pray for your guidance in my life. I pray that you
will help me to follow your faithful story. It’s a never ending story and a
never-beginning story too. I want to go your direction and I invite you
into my heart, Lord. I pray you will show me your ways. I pray you will
show me your desires. I pray you will strengthen my desire to follow you.
I love you.