Kinsee Elise

December 7, 2004 _ Pearl Harbor day – there was another surprise attack
today named Kinsee Elise – 7 lbs, 7 oz. 20″ born at 4:55 pm (5:05

We went to the mountains today to cut down a Christmas tree. We figured it
may be our last chance, since Gail appeared to be in the early signs of
labor. Some may wonder why we would still go, and that’s what I wondered.
But Gail ASSURED me that it would be okay. So we went and got home and were
hardly home when Gail says, “Roger! My water just broke!”

Now you need to understand that in every other pregnancy of Gail’s, the
doctors broke the water and the babies came within 10 minutes. So now we
had a dilemma – is this one just different? Do we go for the home birth?
Or do we try to get to the hospital.

I tried to call the doctor for advice and I tried to call everyone else I
could think of – which at that point was only about 1 person!!!! No answer
at all the doctor’s numbers.

We got into the van and began the drive to the hospital and I got through to
the Doctor’s office and they paged him. We weren’t five minutes from home
(okay, maybe 7 minutes) and Gail says, “It’s coming!”

Now you need to understand something else. I’m the one that has delivered
the last two babies with the doctor right beside me. Each of the last three
babies we’ve been at the hospital less than 20 minutes before the baby was
born. Gail tells me the baby is coming and I’m on a highway with no
shoulder, and no driveways to pull off the road. Read: Feeling helpless on
the big dad’s part!

Finally I find a driveway, help Gail out of her pants of all things and the
baby’s head is clearly out. I’m honking the horn, trying to get someone to
call 911, I started to call, and realize it’s probably more important that I
help here, rather than call 911. We can call them in a minute – which is
all it really took. The baby came out, I made a beautiful catch, and
handoff to my gorgeous wife and then we started again for the hospital.

Called 911, they told me to either stop so the EMS could catch me, or keep
going. We opted to keep going. Got the phone number of the hospital and
away we went. Then the doctor called, we met them all at the ER. They
opened the passenger side of the van, and cut the cord and whisked the baby
out of the cold – likely about 20 degrees or less outside or so…. Then
they loaded Gail on the cart and whisked her away. Our doctor drove the van
to park it and let me go with Gail.

When we got to the nursery, Gail directed me to go in and see our new baby
girl. What a beauty. I don’t have my cord to d/l the pictures, or I may
attach some here – but that’s for later.

We’ve named this girl Kinsee Elise – which if I would have known that we
were going to have this baby today, I would have tried to remember the
meaning, because meanings are important to us. I’ll share that later.

Well, no one ever accused Gail and I of doing things normal, that’s for
sure. I was the one that was AGAINST a home delivery, but if I had my
choices, I would have chosen home over the VAN!!!!

Seth was born on Sabbath, right during when I would have been preaching.
Krista was born in Chicago when we were supposed to be on an airplane going
home to Oregon
Kylie was born at 4am and I delivered her.
Summer was born in Colorado and I delivered her.
Kinsee was born in the VAN and I delivered her.

Well, welcome little Kinsee. You are coming into a wonderful family – I’m
sure you’ve heard them all every day so far, and you’ll probably recognize
their voices – likely Kylie’s the best. We already love you and we already
know we’re going to enjoy our time with you. Today, we dedicate you to the
Lord, and we’ll do that officially later.