Comments about Kinsee!

Some of the outpouring of LOVE via email we’ve received….

Congratulations on the birth of your new daughter. Should I end up in my
CR-V on the way to hospital next month and can’t get a hold of the doctor I
know who to call for backup! I’m glad to hear that Gail and Kinsee are both
doing well. God Bless, J

What’r (sic) you still doing up? G

Congratulations yet again. You guys are simply amazing. We stand in awe!
O … And good catch, I knew all those hours playing softball would pay off
in some way. We’ll be anxious to meet young Kinsee. M

Anyway, great story about Kinsee! It’s a good thing you paid attention
during the other deliveries! I’m just glad that it went perfectly and there
were no complications. Good job, my friend! J

All I can say is that I think I finally met someone crazier than myself.
Congradulations (sic) and all the best to your wife as well. L

Wow! Your story brought me to tears. How awesome! Man, you’ll do anything
for a good sermon illustration! d

HOW EXCITING!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I miss you guys, we haven’t spoken in a
while, I will try to give you guys a call in a few weeks after you have had
some time to come home relax and enjoy that new baby. Tell everyone we said
hi and we miss them. Love, S

Wow! It a good thing you are young, my grandfather heart couldn’t take it. D

Totally awesome, Roger. Way to hold it together. May God continue to
increase your little tribe (although maybe just in that they grow up now,
just in case you all are getting tired). Give Gail our love. G

congratulations on a good catch, have mercy! God is good

I am amazed! Just the kind of story that wakes you out of a sleepy
Wednesday morning and reminds you what kind of God we serve. It is amazing
to hear how the Lord has blessed. I can see how with all of those babies
and the Adventure that you would have a very full life…. The Lord has
truly blessed you and Gail, congratulations and may God bless Kinsee Elise
as she enters this world. R

Great news! Congratulations!