vacation time

My family and I are just finishing two weeks of vacation. It’s been one of
the best vacations that we’ve ever been on. Why? Well, we didn’t go
anywhere and I didn’t check my email or do any work related stuff. About
the only work related thing I actually did was to clean my office.

But here’s what we did do during vacation. We spent a lot of time relaxing,
reading and enjoying each other’s company. And we built a table! That’s
right. I’ve had some wood-working experience in the past, so we decided to
tackle it. It’s not completely finished yet – a few more rounds with the
sander, some adjustments and then we’re ready to stain it. But the table is
42″x72″ without the leaf in it. The leaf is 3′ long, which makes the table
and the leaf 9′ long.

This has been a huge undertaking and at times a bit overwhelming. But for
the most part it’s glue, clamp and wait. Glue, clamp and wait…. At times
I thought we were in over our heads with the whole leaf assembly. But it’s
actually been a lot of fun and now we have some adjustments to do on the
leaf, do the finish sanding, then we can stain.

But here’s the greatest part. Two things: 1) It’s been a project that my
son and I have been able to do together, and 2) I haven’t gotten angry the
whole project. I usually have some anger come out of my frustration as I
work on projects. But this time I didn’t, I’ve been at peace. Perhaps it’s
because working with wood is a fairly slow and relaxing thing. Perhaps it’s
because pine is so forgiving and you can simply sand the mistakes out so
easily. Perhaps (and I’d like to believe) it’s because God is actually
beginning to work a miracle in me. That would be awesome!

But working with my son has been a tremendous thing too. He and I are
becoming more and more like friends and less and less like authority vs.
submission. There’s still the father/son relationship, but more and more
I’m really enjoying his presence and his friendship. This has been a good
project and it’s also been a tremendous time together to work together.
It’s been great!

Now if we could ever get the dust out of our noses, the house clean again,
and get off the folding chairs and sit around this table finished, that
would be AWESOME!