11/22/2004 6:51 AM
S: “I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way before
you.” Matthew 11:10 (Malachi 3:1)

O: Jesus is primarily saying two things in this verse – #1 – John the
Baptist is the guy who was prophesied about in Malachi to prepare the way,
and #2 – Jesus is the guy who was being prepared for – namely the Messiah.
The Messiah part of this is pretty subtle, but I think they got the idea of
John being the preparer.

A: I believe in the 2nd Coming of Christ and I believe that the Seventh-day
Adventist Church is called to prepare the way for people. Are they doing
it? Am I doing it? Am I really helping to prepare the way for Christ’s
soon coming?

P: Lord, those are words that need to be constantly asked. They need to be
asked and they need to be confirmed. I pray for my denomination, I pray for
my Union, for my Conference and for my church and my leaders. I pray you
will help us never forget that we have the Elijah Message in the 3 Angel’s
Messages and we need to continue to proclaim them loudly. I pray you will
continue to lead me and guide me. I pray you will continue to make us a
church that is proudly proclaiming and never forgetting the 2nd coming of