10/28/2004 6:41 AM

S: “If it is true that I have gone astray, my errors remain my concern
alone.” Job 19: 4

O: I’ve always read Job with a bit of a jaded view. I always thought he was
all right and his friends were all wrong. This time as I work through the
book, I realize that his friends didn’t know the whole story, but they do
speak some good words of advice and counsel.

Right here, Job is avoiding accountability. It’s all my issue, it’s only my
concern. How many times have I heard that in ministry from people who said
I was butting into business that was not my own.

A: I need to continue to stay accountable. I need accountability about my
marriage, my addictions, my attitudes, my work, my work schedule, my use of
money, my thought life, my baggage, my health, my stuff. There is now way,
I believe, to walk the road of life as a Christian without someone helping
to hold you accountable.

P: Lord, I thank you for Milton, Gary, Jim and Gail. Each of them holds me
accountable in different areas. I pray they will continue to hold me
accountable. I pray they will continue to teach me. I pray I will be
willing to listen and never get defensive with them. I pray you will guide
me. I pray you will speak to me through them. I pray you will walk me
through the hard questions and you will help me to come out on top because
you have carried me, Lord.

I submit myself you, Lord. I submit myself to you and seek to follow you.
I love you and I love these people in my life. Please keep leading them in
their daily time with you.