The future is sure – in God’s hands

10/25/2004 6:38 AM

S: “The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, ‘Take courage!
As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in
Rome.'” Acts 23:11

O: What an awesome feeling. God stands near and actually talks to Paul and
assures him of what he is trying to do. That is so cool. There should be
no doubts in Paul’s mind now.

A: Why is there any doubt in my mind as to the future of The Adventure?
There should be none. God spoke nearly as clearly to me when the Union
office voted to put Jim on Salary with me. What an amazing thing! I’m
still in awe.

Ellen White says we have no fear of the future unless we forget how God has
led in the past. I need to quit talking about the financial stress of the
future. Instead, I need to spend the time talking about the financial
opportunities that God is going to give to us. It’s an amazing thing!

P: Lord, I commit this next year’s budget to you. I commit this next year’s
struggles to you. I commit to walking by faith, to listening to your word,
and to following you in faith at all times. I commit to listening to you.
I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me and cleanse me. I pray for the Holy
Spirit to guide me and help me speak with courage and not with fear. I
commit this to you.