Interesting Week….

5:10 PM
It’s been an interesting week. On Sunday, after 6 weeks of an
evangelistic-reaping crusade with Russell Burrill, we were required to be at
Glacier View Ranch for Sun-Weds pastor’s meetings. It was good, inspiring,
and insightful. In some ways I needed the emotional break from the normal
routine of the follow-up of the meetings, but we also had a lot to do to
follow-up the meetings.

On Wednesday, we had a new meeting to attend – all the church planters from
the North Pacific Union and all the church planters from the Mid-America
Union were there to discuss the issues of Mission Catalyst, Ron Gladden, and
our involvement with the denomination. Don Schneider was there – the
current president of the North American Division. I won’t bore you with the
details, you can read all about it on this web site:

I will say that after the first day, I was pretty discouraged by the whole
discussion. But in the end, my brother ( and I
stayed up and talked with Don and Marti Schneider from about 11pm until 1am.
Now, besides being rude of us (they needed to drive down the mountain to
Denver that evening and catch a plane the next early morning), we learned a
lot about what it means to be an administrator of this denomination. My
respect was already pretty high for Don and Marti, it went even higher after
spending that open and candid discussion with them. I appreciated the give
and take, and the naturalness of the discussion. It was a very healthy
discussion – one where I wish everyone could have joined in the discussion.

My own desires to stay in the denomination stem from a journey I took in
1995 where I determined to NOT leave. I decided then and there that I could
accomplish much more while IN the denomination than I could OUTSIDE of it.
I am still there, and probably more so today. I do seem some cracks in the
armor of the denomination and I don’t know how to fix or repair them. I
know that many do not even see the cracks and refuse to look their
direction. But there are hopeful signs out there.

I know that my own financial issues facing The Adventure are very huge right
now. We’re facing a possible 460% increase in our budget this year, not
including the use of our reserves. If we are to continue to grow, continue
to learn, and continue to move forward, I am unsure how it will all happen.
To be blunt, here’s what we’re facing:
1. Our current monthly income is averaging $3500/month
2. We’ve been living off of our reserves for a couple of years and
haven’t really noticed it because that doesn’t show up as well in our
monthly report
3. Our portion of Jim Moon’s salary goes up this year and the combined
amount we are paying towards Jim and Shane’s salary is about $7000/month.
That’s double what we’re bringing in.
4. Then add what we are currently spending (neither salary was part of
the budget this year) we go to $10,500/month.
5. Then add the 2 evangelistic series we’re striving to do this next
year, and we go up to almost $17,000/month.
6. Finally add some of the growth engines the Area Leaders or Directors
would like to put into place and we end up with a monthly budget of about

I’m facing a huge increase in this budget issue. I’m trying to maintain
control of it, but not really finding any way of doing so. It appears as if
we have all the budget requests in place right now. And it appears as if we
have everything going that needs to go. I’m struggling with the idea that I
simply cannot continue to express this and must pray about it more.

Lord, I put this issue in you hands. I’ve just created an email that will
go out to the people who will sit on the committee to help determine this
issue. I pray you will go with this email and help it to focus on the real
issues, and not on an issue that needs to get it shut down. I pray you will
guide us and keep us and lead us and help us to follow you. I want to walk
with you, Lord. I pray for your help. I pray for your guidance.