Row Hosts

I think I told you that your system of Row Hosts has really taken a toll on
us for these Prophecy Meetings because it takes so many people out of the
general work force.  And it�s true that we have gotten more people involved
because of the row hosts.  But I for one will be forever sold on the concept
because of what happened last night.
In the 2nd service, when you gave that call for people to accept Jesus and
come forward, I was praying for people that I knew needed to accept you. 
The first person to stand up and go forward was followed by my son Â? a row
host.  All of a sudden, I quit praying for the people (kind of) and started
praying for my son to be the person that would lead this man to Christ. 
What would it do to my 13 year old son to lead someone to Christ Â? it would
change his life forever!  What would it do to that older gentleman to see a
13 year old kid knowing more about the Bible and Jesus than he did!  Wow! 
After the meeting broke, I got distracted and was talking to various people
who I hope will go forward next time you have an altar call.  One of the
seminary students grabbed me and pointed to my son Â? open Bible, by himself,
with that man, leading him to Christ and leading him in the sinnerÂ?s
prayer.  I cannot tell you how much that meant to me.  I can�t begin to tell
you how it�s moving me now as I write this.  Wow!  I am in awe at what God
can do.
So, I want to thank you for allowing him to go through the training and to
go through the process to become a row host.  He knew this opportunity might
come.  After the first meeting and the call, he re-wrote some of the
scriptures on his hand, and they kept sweating off!  I�m sure he wasn�t the
smoothest, nor the most profound, but I want to thank you for allowing him
to have that opportunity.  I will be forever grateful for the impact that
will have on his life.
Thanks for making a Difference!