Praise and Blessings

8/20/2004 6:39 AM

S: “May the peoples praise you, O God, may all the people praise you.
Then the land will yield its harvest, and God, our God, will bless us. God
will bless us, and all the ends of the earth will fear him.” Psalm 67:5-7

O: The writer of this Psalm wants everyone to know God and show God.
He wants people to sing and he wants people to tell the wonders of God. I
don’t think that he’s saying if we praise God, that God will then finally
bless us. It appears that he’s saying – if we praise God loud and always,
then people will hear and more people will follow and that obedience will
bring about God’s wonderful blessing. That appears to be what I hear in
this passage.

A: I know that I need to spend the time focusing on God. I know that
I need to spend the time listening to God. I know that I need to ALSO
praise God in front of all the people I meet. In other words, I can’t be
afraid to tell others what I’ve found, what a difference it makes in my
life, and how it’s affecting my day to day living. When people stand up and
praise God – others hear. I think God is telling me to get out more and
more and spend time with God and letting him help me do my work.

P: Lord, I think you are calling us at The Adventure to GO!
I think you are calling us to do something significant. Please come in and
push us out the door to sing your praises before people who don’t know. I
know I need to lead that charge, but I pray we will all do it!