New Baby

Yesterday we had a baby! We didn’t even know we were pregnant. Well, for
those of you that know Gail and I – we knew she was pregnant, but this was a
baby goat!

I think it was in May, we bought a couple of pygmy goats and thought they
would eat up our weeds around the creek – although they haven’t done that
very well, the kids have greatly enjoyed the goats. But BOY were they both
getting fat (they are both female).

Yesterday one of them gave birth to a beautiful little baby goat. Wow! The
miracle of birth is a great thing. We think the other one may be carrying
twins because she is SO much fatter.

It makes me think of the NEW BIRTH experience. Birth makes you smile, makes
you happy and babies make you laugh. Bu the NEW BIRTH experience makes a
party get thrown in heaven! Yea God!

I pray for that new birth experience every day.