8/15/2004 8:34 AM

S: “But they will reply, ‘It’s no use. We will continue with our own
plans; each of us will follow the stubbornness of his evil heart.'”
Jeremiah 18:12

O: It’s always interesting how Jeremiah writes. In one section he’ll
talk about God’s plans, the people responding and then add his own thoughts.
This is the people’s response in this section. God has just said that he
will do with the people what a potter does to clay – if it doesn’t turn out,
I’ll remake you into something else. This section like almost no other
shows very clearly the nature of conditional prophecy. God is trying to say
that if I wanted to make Israel great, but they didn’t respond, he’ll turn
them into something else, and if he wanted to destroy another nation, but
they sought his forgiveness, he would remake his plans for them.

Now this section comes along, and after prophesying to the people, God tells
Jeremiah what they will say. No matter what you say, God, we’re going to
follow our own plans. We’re stubborn. We like what we’re doing. And we’re
going to do what we want no matter what.

A: It sounds like today. So many of us are trying to do what we want
to do, without listening to what else needs to be done. Lord, I pray for
the Holy Spirit to guide. Last night my friend _____ and his wife were
here. This verse could easily be spoken about them. They have their minds
pretty much made up about a situation and they don’t really understand what
is happening around them. They said they wanted to hear what you were
saying. But I wonder if they are listening.

Lord, sometimes I know that questions could be asked of me. Am I just doing
what I want, or is it what God wants? The next question is maybe even
harder – do I really care what God wants? I’d like to think I do care. I’d
like to think I’m not very stubborn with God, but I don’t think that would
be fair to who I am and how I am being shaped by God. It’s about going
God’s way – without fighting – something I rarely do.

P: Lord, I pray for the Holy Spirit. I pray you will come into my
life and continue to change me. I pray you will come in and make me like
you. I pray you will fill me with the Holy Spirit. I pray you will guide
me and make me like you. I want to walk with you, Lord. I want to be
guided by you, Lord. I don’t want to live out MY plans, by I want to live
out YOUR plans. Please come in and make me into the man you desire to shape
me into. I will serve you, Lord.

Lord, I know that I’ve been stubborn about my own way. I’ve done it with my
denominational overseers, I’ve done it with my wife and kids, and I’ve done
it with my church. I’ve done it with Shane and Jim and I’ve done it with
you, Lord. I pray you will forgive me for being stubborn and opinionated.
I pray you will cleanse me from my opinions and having to do things MY way.
I pray you will change me into a man that wants to follow you and be guided
by you. I pray you will change my heart.

I love you, Lord and I want to follow you. I want to be man that says,
“Yes, Lord, Yes Lord, Yes! Yes! Yes!” Please fill me with the Holy Spirit
and guide me close to you. Please lead me and shape me to listen to you.